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The dish soap is more dense so it sinks to the bottom when in gel form. When in bubble form it is less dense so floats.

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Do ducks sink in water?

Ducks sink in the water when you add some dish soap, maybe! ------Mayjoy Pequiro------- August 04 2011, thursday Call me 0910207----

What is the Standard placement of the soap dish?

left side of sink

How were dishes washed in the 1950?

with soap and water in a sink by hand with a dishrag, or by a special 1950's dish cleaning dog.

What is a household substance in which an ice cube will sink?

Try dish soap.

Does dish soap sink in milk?

yes! i've done it so many times it does sink in milk :)

How much bubbles could dawn dish soap make?

a full sink

What is the chemical formula for dish soap and water?

There is none. Dish soap and water form a mixture. Mixtures do not have chemical formulas.

Is dish water a solution?

Yes, dish water is normally a solution of soap in water.

An empty metal soap dish barely floats in watera bar of ivory soap floats in water when the soap is stuck on the soap dish the combinations sinks explain why?

because of the wait of the soap plus the wait of the soap dish is to much for the water to carry Sort of, but here's more to the story. This is a question about specific gravity, or roughly, weight/mass per volume. Let's look at the dish. The material that the dish is made of apparently doesn't float. Or wouldn't -- If it were shaped as a solid lump it would sink. However, since it is "dished", that is slightly bowl-shaped in the top, when set upon the water, the dish displaces some of the water and "holds" a bit of air. So what you have is the dish plus that little bit of air sitting in the water. The combination dish+little bit of air weighs slightly less that the equal volume of water, so it just barely floats. This is also why a boat made of steel can float. Now add the piece of soap. The soap, which is heavier than air (which is why it isn't floating randomly around the room), displaces some of the air that's in the soap dish, the combination of dish+soap is heavier than the volume of water that it displaces, and the combination sinks.

What is the Ph of Palmolive dish soap?

Can mopping your floors everyday with Palmolive dish soap and water cause harm to a dog?

Does eating dish soap and drinking water make you go 3?

Eating dish soap will make you sick. Don't do it.

What will dissolve clay?

Liquid dish soap and water

Does a dish drainer tray have to stay in the sink?

No, a dish drainer tray does not have to stay in the sink. You might want to put the draining part in the sink though because that is where the water will drain into.

What is dawn dish soap made out of?

Dish soap is composed of imulsified oils water and a few other chemicals that very from brand to brand

Does dawn dish soap kill fleas in yard?

Dawn dish soap is great for killings fleas in homes and outside in the yard. Dawn dish soap can be mixed with vinegar and water which will kill fleas and repel them from pets.

What soap removes the most grease dish soap hand soap or shampoo2011?

Dish soap!

What soap removes the most grease dish soap hand soap or shampoo?

Dish soap

An empty metal soap dish barely floats in water a bar of ivory soap floats in water when the soap is stuck on the soap dish the combinations sinks explain why?

This is because the displacement of water to the the weight of the metal soap dish and soap is not equalized before the water reaches the top edges of the soap dish. If you had a deeper soap dish than it would most likely float. Also most likely the soap is 'stuck' to the dish so that is why when they sink it will not float on its own. Floating actually has to do with pressure rather than weight. For example a column of water 1 inch square and 1 foot tall, it weighs about 0.44 pounds depending on the temperature of the water so if you take a column of water 1 cm square by 1 meter tall, it weights about 100 grams. That means that a 1-foot-high column of water exerts 0.44 pounds per square inch [psi]. Similarly, a 1-meter-high column of water exerts 9,800Pa [pascals]. So it is the upward water pressure pushing on the bottom of the object that causes it to float. Each square inch (or square centimeter) of the object that is underwater has water pressure pushing it upward, and this combined pressure floats the object.

Can you give a peruvian guinea pig a bath?

Yes in a sink with water up to their chests and use soap from a pet store and only wash them once a month. Never use regular dish soap! It can be very bad if you get it in there eyes.

Is the dish soap an acid or a base?

From what I could find dish soap is an acid base. No no no, dish soap is basic.

If you remove all soap suds from the top of dish water how much cleaning power is left?

Soap suds are basically air bubbles, it is the cleaning agent in the dish soap that cleans your dishes. Extremely dirty or greasy dishes might require changing the dish water.

Does dish soap water make an egg float?


Can liquid soap prevent cohesion?

Liquid soap reduces cohesion (a.k.a. surface tension). It does not prevent it. This is why oil that is floating on water is scattered when dish soap is added during the Dawn dish soap commercial.

Which dish soap works best on Greece?

A dish soap with a detergent content higher than the water content works better on grease. A soap that has a degreaser in it will work well too.

What type of soap removes more grease hand soap dish soap or shampoo?

dish soap

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