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Why does driver side ac vents blow cold air while passenger side vents blow hot when both are on ac setting?

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Who is Liable while the passenger opens the door to get out and the driver inadvertantly starts moving the vehicle again?

Driver - The driver is what casued the incident. Even so, while exiting, person becomes pedestrian, not a passenger

If you are stopped by a police officer while driving and your passenger is not wearing a seatbelt the officer can cite who?

In most cases both the driver and the passenger can be cited. The logic is that the passenger has a responsibility to wear a seatbelt and the driver has a responsibility to be sure that they do.

Can a learners driver carry passengers while driving in south Africa?

A learner driver in a car or larger vehicle must carry one passenger, who is a qualified driver to instruct the learner. The learner may not drive without that passenger. No other passengers may be carried. That rule is often broken, most notably by driving schools who carry an instructor and several learners in a vehicle driven by one of the learners. A learner motorbike driver is forbidden to carry a passenger.

Why does the driver side and middle vents on your 2004 Chevy truck blow hot air while the passenger side is cold when the air conditioner is on?

Any of the following can cause this to happen...... 1. Low on freon. 2. Restricted evaporator. 3. A/C - heating internal door operations incorrect. 4. A/C - heating controller bad.

Do new pickups normally have airbags on both the driver and passenger sides?

Yes, they do. While pickups sometimes lag behind cars when it comes to safety, front airbags for the driver and passenger are available on all new trucks sold in the U.S. Be aware that some of them don't offer side airbags, though.

Who could be charged with a violation if a 14 year old front seat passenger is not wearing a seat belt?

A seat belt violation is the responsibility of the driverof the vehicle. The age of the offending passenger is irrelevant.The driver is always the one ticketed, because he is the one who has the driver's license and is in control of the vehicle. Like the captain of a ship, the driver is responsible for everything that occurs in or on the vehicle, especially while it is in motion.It depends on local laws. Generally, the driver receives the ticket unless the passenger is at least 15 or 16 depending on the state. Minnesota will ticket the passenger directly at 15, Wisconsin will ticket them directly at 16. Which state are you in?

If you have a Maryland learner's permit can you carry a passenger in the car while driving?

Most learners permits require the presence of a licensed driver who is over 18. Most learners permits require the presence of a licensed driver who is over 18.

Can you get arrested for a DUI if you are a passenger in a car and the driver and other passengers including yourself are drinking alcohol in the car while the car is turned off and no keys inserted?


Can You use a cell phone while driving in Texas?

yes, unless you are a bus driver and have a passenger 17 and younger present and for intermediate license holders for first six months

How did Nick Adenhart die?

Nick Adenhart was involded in a hit-and-run car accident just hours after pitching the best game of his career on 4/9/2009. While driving in Fullerton just after midnight, a drunk driver, 22 year old Andrew Thomas Gallo, ran a red light and hit the Mitsubishi Eclipse Adenhart was a passenger in. The female driver and another passenger died at the scene. Another passenger survived and is in critical but stable condition. Nick Adenhart however died while in surgery about 2 hours after the crash.

Can a passenger drink alcohol in a car in Virginia?

Negative. Open containers are illegal in every state. This answer is false. There are 7 states where there are no open container laws. While it is illegal for the driver to consume alcohol, passengers may do so. Mississippi actually allows the driver to consume alcohol. Virginia is one of the 7 that has no open container law pertaining to a passenger in a motor vehicle.

How much is the ticket for not wearing seatbelt in butler county Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, all front seat passengers and the driver must wear a seat belt while the vehicle is moving. In Butler County, a driver can be fined $30 and a passenger $20 for no seat belt.

Is it legal for a passenger to drink in a motor home if seated behind the driver?

Each state has their own laws concerning open containers. In Calif.,,it is legal for passengers to drink while the motorhome in motion.

How loud should the radio be in the car Who should be controlling the vol. the driver or passenger?

To prevent distractions, the radio volume should be controlled by the driver. However, the driver should not adjust the radio controls while driving. Also, any volume affecting the driver's ability to hear the surrounding environment both in and out of the auto is unsafe.

When accelerating or engine under load of 2002 f-250 ac air from dash vents moves to defrosters then to floor while cruising it works fine any ideas?

you have a vaccumm leak defrost is the normal at rest vent setting

Why does the air no longer blow out the dash vents on a 2000 Cadillac while the floor vents work fine?

The selector mechanism needs repair or the doors inside the vent are jammed.

What causes the passenger wiper to stop working while the driver side still works on a 2004 Durango?

Most likely, either the linkage to the wiper has become disconnected (or broken), or the wiper pivot is stripped out.

Is it illegal for the cab driver to smoke while he is driving?

It depends which country he's in. In the UK, if he has a passenger, then yes. Taxis are classed as business premises and are under the same smoking laws as other places of work.

Left side vents blow warm but right side vents blow cold while using ac?

Either the a/c system is low on freon or the evaporator has an internal restriction....

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How do you make a device mounted in a car to transmit a tone to a mobile phone to stop their use while driving?

While theoretically possible - that would be impractical. You would have to make the device distinguish between a mobile being used by the driver, and one being used by a passenger.

Of which automotive system does the driver have the most direct control while driving?

Of which automotive system does the driver have the most direct control while driving?

What you have to write while applying for a job?


Can you use golf range finders while setting a club record?

Yes, you can use golf range finders while setting a club record.

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The setting is the study of clowns while the summary is the study of circuses in general.