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The earth does not have more gravity than any other planet. It does have the highest surface gravity of any of the inner planets, but Jupiter (2.6 g), Neptune (1.14g) and Saturn (1.1g) each have a higher surface gravity than earth. The surface gravity of the three planets is written as a function of (as the multiple of) the surface gravity of earth (g). (If a planet had twice the surface gravity of earth, its surface gravity could be written as 2g.)

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Yes, the bigger the planet the more gravity.

No. My planet (and presumably yours as well) is Earth.

If the planet has more mass, it has stronger gravity

Earth. Mars' gravity is only around 38% of Earths.

The moon has gravity but the earth has more because living people live in the planet.

Jupiter has the strongest gravity of any planet in the solar system, more than twice as strong as the gravity on Earth. Neptune (1.14 x Earth gravity) and Saturn (1.06 x Earth surface gravity) also have stronger gravity than Earth.

If you mean gravity,the bigger a planet is, the larger the gravity, so yes,Jupitar has more gravity than earth.

All planets with more mass than earth have more gravity than it. So all of the gas giants have far more gravity than Earth.

Gravity on a planet is directly related to its mass. Venus is very close in mass to earth with about 10% less mass. Therefore, Venus' gravity is about 90% that of earth.

Neptune has more gravity than Earth because it is a gas planet and not a solid one like Earth.

The "surface gravity" is less on Uranus.

Yes. All planets have gravity. The gravity on Jupiter is more than twice as strong as it is on Earth.

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, has far more gravity than the Earth. Only the Sun has more gravity than Jupiter in our solar system.

Jupiter has the strongest gravity of all the planets in our solar system. Surface gravity there is more than twice what it is on Earth.

Gravity usually varies depending on the size and density of a very large planet, moon or star. The Earth has more gravity than the Moon. Jupiter has a lot more gravity than Earth. The Sun has more gravity than Jupiter. A Black Hole (a collapsed star) has more gravity than any other known object in the universe.

The planet Uranus is more massive than the Earth and has a stronger gravitational field. So you could say that Uranus has more gravity.

Gravity is directly related to mass. A planet with a smaller mass than that of Earth would have less gravity, a planet more massive than Earth would have a stronger force of gravity. The moon is 1/6 the size of Earth, therefore the moon has 1/6 the force of gravity as Earth.

No. All objects have a gravitational field. The more massive the object, the higher the gravity.

the bigger the planet the more gravity it has, the smaller the planet the less gravity it has, so if you weigh, lets say, 5 stone here on earth, you go to Jupiter and you weigh alot more as theres more gravity pulling on you, go to mercury and you'll weigh less as theres less gravity pulling on you.

The size of the planet. Earth has more gravity than the moon because the Earth is a bigger planet than the moon.=====================================Let's see now ...Saturn is 2.36 times the size of Neptune, butits gravity is 1% less than Neptune's gravity.Hmmm...

The more Mass a Planet has the more Gravity it will have.

No. There is gravity there, a little more than a third of what it is on Earth.

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