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Why does earth have oxygen?

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Earth has oxygen because we have trees.

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Effects of no oxygen on earth?

Oxygen is main gas of earth. If there is no oxygen in the earth all the life in the earth should die.

How many oxygen is on earth?

Earth has twenty one percent of oxygen

Why is there oxygen on the earth and not on the planets?

All the planets have oxygen, Earth has a lot of oxygen in its atmosphere due to plants.

Where do you get your oxygen on earth?

we get oxygen from the trees

Where does earth get most of its oxygen?

The bulk of oxygen production on Earth is from phytoplankton in the oceans.

What percentage of oxygen on earth is produced by plants?

plants produce 30% of the oxygen on earth.

What is the diffenerce of earth and space?

There is oxygen and gravitational force on earth but there is no oxygen and gravitational force

How does oxygen make life sutable on earth?

Oxygen makes it human capable of breathing in earth that's why when there is oxygen, there is life.

What is the percentage of Oxygen on earth?

Earth contains 21 percent of oxygen in the atmosphere!coz earth contains only hot gases and oxygen is not a hot gas!:D

How much time would it for earth to run out of oxygen with no plants and trees?

The Earth's oxygen is completely dependent on trees and plants. They produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This oxygen is very important for life on earth.It will be many millions of years before the earth runs out of oxygen.

How much oxygen is used by the earth annually?

The oxygen isn't "used by the earth"; it is recycled by organisms. The total amount of oxygen on planet Earth remains more or less constant.

Is oxygen an alkaline earth metal?

No. Oxygen is a nonmetal.

Was oxygen on Earth before or after life on Earth?

Elemental oxygen did not appear on Earth until some time after life did. In fact, the oxygen was produced by life carrying out photosynthesis. The first organisms on Earth were anaerobic, meaning their life processes did not involve oxygen. To most organisms like this, oxygen was highly toxic.

How would oxygen affect the earth if it was removed?

If oxygen were to be removed from earth, all life forms that require oxygen to survive will die out leaving the earth as we know it baron. Oxygen is vital to our survival, without it we would die.

What planet has plenty of oxygen?

The plant Earth has plenty of oxygen. People who live on earth use the oxygen to breath, which keeps people alive.

Why is oxygen so important to life on earth?

because if there wasn't any oxygen on earth you could not be able to breath. Oxygen is an essential for life.

Is there oxygen on planet Venus?

No, because the oxygen isn't like Earth so people from Earth can not breathe it.

What planet is full of oxygen?

Planet EarthEarth, of courseearth

What will happen when there will be no oxygen in earth?

the earth would die

Why was earth made with oxygen and not other planets?

Earth wasn't made with oxygen. The oxygen comes from living things like plants. That just leaves the question of why only Earth seems to have life!

Where is oxygen found in the world?

oxygen was found in earth on 1772

How does the rainforest help the Earth?

trees=oxygen oxygen=people

What planets do not have oxygen to breathe?

Only Earth has oxygen to breathe.

Is there oxygen on the planet?

Earth, Mars and Mercury are the planets that have oxygen on them.

Why is Earth the only planet with oxygen and how is that no other planet does?

Other planets do have oxygen, but not in as high of concentration as we have here on Earth.

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