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Why does engine die going down road?

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There's probably a mouse living in the engine. Pop the hood/bonnet, unscrew everything bit by bit until the mouse shows. Alternatively, just ask your nearest garage who can probably take a closer look as it's not something easily diagnosed via a webpage.

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Why does a 1989 jaguar xj6 die going down the road?

Happened to me! It turned out to be the engine control unit. Found one on eBay for $100. Works great again.

Why would a 1991 oldsmoble die going down the road?

oldsmobile. to me it might seem cause its old.

Why would your truck just die on you going down the road you never had any problems before?

Fuel pump, crank sensor, distributor pickup, engine ECM, wiring problem, ignition switch problem, MAP sensor. This is why they have mechanics shops.

Why would your ford F150 act like it wants to die going down the road?

can unhook the battery cable over night and it will run good for a little while

What would cause a 2004 chrysler sebring to die while going down the street after the emergency brake was pulled?

lots of strain on the engine i would imagine..

What makes a Z28 Camaro die going down the road?

Well I would need more info but when it dies the carb if it is a carbed engie could be starving for fuel. It would be best if you posted what year and engine size it is and if it is fuel injected or carbed. when it dies do you still have spark at the plug ect....

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Why does your suburban want to die when accelerating?

On my engine,the accelerator pump on the Carb is going bad, 350 engine with quadrajet carb

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Why would your 2000 gmc sierra just die when going down the road when it has plenty of gas?

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What would cause a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse to die running down the road?

Check fuel pressure when the car idles.

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Why would a 1998 Ford Windstar die while driving down the road if the fuel pump works?

Dirty fuel filter. There could be several other reasons. Another thing to check is the fuel pump relay. This could be going bad. It is in the power distribution box in your engine compartment. If the van is starting to over heat the computer should be shutting off the van until it cools to prevent engine damage. This condition should be giving a check engine light. If it is try having the code read and see what it says. Good luck.

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