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Why does everything you eat taste like mold?


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it doesn't its your taste buds that do the tasting part so its your taste bud


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not everything mold don't eat oils

would dentures be a reason

You get a bad taste in your mouth.

They should be if the inside is orange. Don't eat them if they have a bitter taste or if the white color is from mold.

That's how the world wanted them to be also if you noticed, that when you eat something and want it to taste like that then think about it then it will taste like that when you eat it maybe that's why you taste it like that.

somtimes if you eat a spacific type sandwitch the bread and salami are both mold but it's not efective mold like athlete's foot or fungi

They taste like chocolate GO AND EAT CAMELS

You'll find that almost everything has the potential to grow mold. That includes foods which, when they rot, often grow mold. So yes, a pear can grow mold. I suggest you eat it before it does.

Mold? Well off you mean that type of mold that grows on food then here... If you used applesauce and mold together you get moldy applesauce xD pluss it would taste that good and it's not good for you to eat mold xD

Your taste is very different from the most of us because its likely you have sickness for that matter. Eating is good, food tastes delicious, and fruits too.

when you eat it on metal plates, it happens to me but only if the food is hot and i eat it on a metal plate

Many cheeses are made by fermentation with mold spores. Examples include Blue cheese, Brie, Camembert, etc. This mold is good, and defines the cheese. This kind of mold is not bad for you, and is purchased like that. Cheese grows mold easily because it is rich in nutrients for the mold spores to reproduce and grow rapidly- don't let it get on your other food! When a cheese ages with toxic or undesirable mold, it usually has a bad odor or taste. Don't eat cheese if it doesn't look like it did when you bought it.

I'm not sure if you can eat swans. If you can it probably will taste like chicken?

it is nice when you eat it

Recently ive been having the same problem where everything i ate tasted so sourish but it goies away in a day

Well if you eat bread with mold on it, there is a high risk that mold could effect your body. In which mold could grow along your stomach. A lot of people get very sick when they eat mold. If anything, try to not eat anything with mold on it and make sure you always check things like bread to make sure they are safe to eat even if you just bought it. If by any chance you do eat mold, seek medical help ASAP! I really do hope this helped! :)

I wouldn't but just check to see if it has any mold or anything if not just taste it

beetles eat alot of stuff like ants and others

No. There are many different types of mold, but many foods have mold all ready when they are eaten. Do you like blue cheese? The blue color is a mold within the cheese and it is allowed to ripen to get get that blue vein. You probably all ready eat mushrooms. They are a fungus. I can think of many things that people eat that have mold or are a fungus.

People eat mouldy cheese, and they like it.

No. They do however bite and the bite itself stings, or burns. Not to mention that after it bites you everything you eat and drink will taste like vinegar. The vinegar taste can last up to 3 days in some cases.

Because it tastes really good to them. They like the soft salty taste of the cheese, just like that taste they get when they eat canned meat.

no it does not taste like pork and why would some one even eat one??

Because the tongue has diffrent taste buds if you eat pizza you taste pizza if you drink lemon soda you taste lemon soda if you had no taste buds then you would be able to eat anything but without taste buds everything would taste plain

It's like asking a little kid why they like candy, cause they like the taste of it.

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