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Fighting Does Solve ProblemsIt doesnt solve any problems except for making each other physically happy. You are only caring for the person and are solving it with another way other than cyber bullying. I'm not real sure how else to describe it or what else to say. AnswerI believe fighting doesn't really solve problems but it does provide a catharasis to those who do the fighting. I think there would be a lot less underhandedness in the world if people could just get out there feelings of angst against others all at once maybe in private. It also shows you're willing to stand up for yourself and able to defend yourself. In the most privative form of the thought. AnswerFighting creates more Love than there probably was in the first place. When strong emotions get involved, it's easier to solve the primary problem. AnswerI take it it's arguing and not physical fighting and I have to agree with the second poster. Although we may say things out of anger that hurts the other person sometimes cutting loose with each other can be the best thing. If one keeps the frustration deep inside of them and perhaps the other person refuses to communicate well this can only fester and it's harder to get along. We just wouldn't be human if we didn't blow once in awhile, but this doesn't mean that constant arguing is good for a relationship.
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Q: Why does fighting not solve problems?
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