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Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and some flammable substance. For example, when you burn methane, the main component of natural gas the equation is:

CH4 + 2O2 --> CO2 + 2H2O

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Can a fire burn in a room with no oxygen?

No it can't. You need oxygen to burn for it to work.

What gas does fire need to burn?


What does a fire need to burn well?


What do you need to make something burn?

you need oxygen and fire

Does fire need oxygen in order to burn?

yes it does

How much oxygen does a fire need to burn?


Does fire need air or oxygen?

Fire needs fuel, heat, and oxygen. Oxygen is a component of air. A fire can burn in an atmosphere of pure oxygen, but not in air from which oxygen has been removed.

Does fire need nitrogen to burn?

No. Fire needs oxygen to burn. Nitrogen is not reactive enough to support a reaction such as combustion.

What causes a fire to burn?

Fire is able to burn due to oxygen. As more oxygen is added, the fire will begin to burn faster and hotter.

Why does flame require air to burn?

fire needs oxygen to burn, because fire is a chemical reaction that needs oxygen. the fire triangle is what fire needs to burn and is this- heat, fuel, and oxygen.

True or false fire will not burn without oxygen?

True, fire must have oxygen to burn.

Does a fire have oxygen?

Yes, most fires need oxygen to burn (combustion is a rapid form of oxidation). If there is no continuous supply of oxygen, a fire will go out.

Does fire need oxygen to burn?

Yes. Fire needs three things to exist: Heat, Fuel and Oxygen (known collectively as the fire triangle).

Does putting out fire need oxygen?

No. Adding oxygen to a fire will make it burn faster and hotter. In fact, one of the ways of putting out a fire is to cut off the supply of oxygen.

Does fire need fuel and oxygen to burn?

Fire needs fuel and oxygen becausel ultimately, fire is an exothermic. chemical reaction between oxygen and some other susbatnce.

What does oxygen do for fire?

The fire needs oxygen to keep burning, so it there is no oxygen fire can not burn.

What element is needed for fire to burn?

Oxygen is needed for a fire to burn.

Does fire need carbon to burn?

No. Only oxygen is sufficient for something to combust.

Why does fire need oxygen so it can burn?

The oxygen that a fire needs is used to support the chemical reaction which takes place when something burns.

Why do rockets need to carry a supply of oxygen?

Rockets need to carry a steady supply of oxygen so that the fire that takes them off of the ground can burn. You must remember that to have fire you must have oxygen.

Why does blowing air on a fire make it burn better?

It Increases the oxygen available for the fire. Fire needs fuel and oxygen to burn.

Does fire need carbon dioxide to burn?

No. Fire need fuel, oxygen, and heat to burn. Carbon dioxide is a product of most fires and can actually be used to put fires out.

Does oxygen make something burn?

No it doesn't make something burn. But if something is already burning, it supports the burning. In the fire triangle, which is what makes a fire, it says that you need fuel, oxygen, and something else, that I tend to forget. So, technically, oxygen does make something burn, because you need that oxygen to help it and if you don't have that then it won't burn. So, I say yes, it does.

What is in oxygen that makes the fire burn better?

Oxygen itself. Oxygen is one of the elements necessary for a fire to burn, and the increased presence of it helps to further fuel the fire.

Who uses oxygen?

All living things need oxygen in order to survive. Animals, plants, and humans need oxygen. Fire also needs oxygen in order to burn.