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Because he thinks he will be more posher or maybe because the ppl who made his character just thought it up

First off Fred is a hard work blue collar worker who tends to be a loud mouth and often gets into trouble due his "off beat" personality. His character is modeled after the Homemoners Ralph Cramdon which may further explain the addition of the tie as a means of making Fred a bit more credible than a clown-like bumbling fool. As in the Ralph in the Homemooners, Fred Flintstone is a loving father, and husband, a good friend to Braney and generally a really nice guy. It could be to take the rough edges off of him his creators gave him his tradmarke prehistoric fashioned necktie. His tie is always one solid color and has a rough unfinished look which lends itself to his other apparel. I searched Google images and only found one image of Fred without a necktie and always he had a symetrical tie knot, that looks like a Windsor.

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An orange and black polka-dot shirt with a blue tie.

"Slate Rock and Gravel Company" was the company that Fred Flinstone worked for.

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Fred Flinstone lives with his wife Wilma, his daughter Pebbles, and his pet dinosaur named Dino. They live next door to Betty and Barney Rubble.

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Fred Flinstone was originally voiced by Alan Reed, from 1960 to 1977.

The character of Fred Flinstone, in the movie 'The Flinstones' was played by John Goodman. John Goodman has also appeared in films such as Coyote Ugly and My First Mister.

There is actually three. There is Slaghoople (Wilma Slaghoople), Flinstone ( Fred Flinstone) and Rubble ( Barney Rubble ). Hope this answer helped.

Fred Flinstone worked as a Bronto Crane Operator for Slate Rock and Gravel Company.

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Fred was fired more than once, but always got his job back by the end of the episode.

He worked as a crane operator at a rock Quarry.

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