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If it is an older vehicle with a mechanical fuel pump-- diaphram could be torn allowing gas to be pumped directly into engine

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Q: Why does gas get inthe oil of a car engine and will not start?
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Is it ok to step on the gas to start a car engine?

Not unless it is a carburated engine.

What if the gas is going to the engine but want start what could it be?

what if he gas is going to the engine but the car want start?

What is wrong when your engine will not start?

You need gas in the car or a new engine that has to be fixed in the car.When someting is wrong with the engine, there's something wrong with the car.

Does a car waste gas if the engine doesn't start?

I don't know exactly but if it does not start then how the fuel will be wasted?? :)

Why will car only start if gas pedal is floored after getting gas put in it?

if the car is completely out of gas then it take a little while for the fuel pump to get the fuel to the engine, but i got an alternative, when you turn the key on just let it sit for a second and don't press the gas pedal or try to start it, it should let the gas get to the engine.

How do you rev up your car?

start the engine and press the gas pedal while it is in park

What problems could you have if you add regular gas to a diesel engine?

It could seriously damage the pipes and tubes inside your engine. This will result in your car failing to start and you will have to go to a garage to get the gas emptied out of your car.

Why does your car smell like gas when it is running?

because your engine is going to break down or when you start the car if the whether is cold, it makes it smell like gas

How do you start a car that won't start?

if you turn the key and nothing is making noise check the battery if you are trying to start it and it is making noise press the gas a little bit so that the car can pump gas into the engine

What was learned from the experience of ford pinto?

Din't put the gas tank inthe rear of the car

Does it take a gallon of gas to start a car?

No it does not take a gallon of gass to start a car. To start a car it doesn't use any gas.

Is gas being burned in the engine of your car a chemical or physical change?

Burning gas in the car engine is a CHEMICAL change.

Why wont your car start after running out of gas if it has gas in it now?

Because the engine may need to be flushed because trash has gotten into the tail pipe.

What happens if diesel gets put into a gas car?

The engine may not start and/or have poor performance. Drain gas tank and fill with proper fuel.

Will your car drive after sugar water is in gas tank?

no it would either blow up, not start or ruin your engine

When you start car and give it gas it backfires through air cleaner.?

The engine is out of time. Have the engine timing checked. It can also be the plug wires are connected incorrectly.

Your car wont start it sounds like it is not getting gas what is wrong?

What vehicle is this on? Fuel injected or carburator? Engine size?

How does a car get gas in to the en gin?

Piping from the gas tank in the back of the car leading up to the engine then go through a fuel injector into the engine.

How much gas is needed to start car?

A car can start with very little fuel at the engine. However, there needs to be enough fuel in the tank to allow the pump to pressurize the lines and keep fuel to the injectors.

If you dont have gas in your car what will happen if you start it?

It will not start ???????

Car wont start after running out of gas?

If your car won\'t start after running out of gas it could be that the fuel pump was damaged.

What would cause a 91 Honda CRX si to start fun fine and when the gas pedal is stepped on the car bogs and turns off you start the car again and car will not starthour later car starts?

Engine is flooded. Too rich a fuel mixture will cause the engine to stall. Timing could be off as well.

How long does a car remain running while turned on with a remote car start?

The remote just connects the starter selenoid with the battery, when it completes the circuit, the engine starts and will run until it runs out of gas or the engine is disabled.

What happens when you Try to start a car with no gas?

No gas or no ignition gives the same result: the car cranks but doesn't even try to start.

What causes gas in a car to waste quickly?

An engine that consumes gas to provide more power. Or an old car.