Why does hair sometimes get lighter or darker with age?

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AS your body ages, biological changes, both physical and chemical, can cause pigmentation changes. (Gain\Lose freckles, moles, liver spots, etc.) Those same changes can cause hair to lose pigmentation and alter pigmentation. An example is someone with light red hair when born and grows progressively darker as they reach adult hood. An additional example would be graying hair in elderly people. The changes are influenced by environment (diet, excercise, living location, climate) and genetics.
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Why does the sun make your hair go lighter but your skin go darker?

The main reason is that skin is alive and hair is dead. Melanin is the dark brown pigment produced by your skin to absorb some of the UV radiation from the sun. The melanin in your hair is destroyed by sun and your hair will not produce more melanin to respond to that since it is dead. Your hair ( Full Answer )

How do you make red hair darker?

I have basically orange-redish hair, and the best thing to do is dye your hair a shade or two darker. :)

Do you need a darker or lighter welding helmet for arc welding?

A darker helmet shade, compared to gas welding. A shade of 10 for 70 amps, it works up from there, or you could buy a auto-darkening hood which you can see out of, but when you strick the rod on the metal it darkens to the right shade for you to still see out of.

Why do darker colors absorb more lighter ones do?

The best question in the group. The answer depends on what does a color of a surface mean? When an object appears yellow, the only light being reflected will be the red and green kinds; the other colors have been absorbed. When an object appears red, the other colors, from orange to violet, have bee ( Full Answer )

Does plucking hair regrow darker?

no, not at all in anyway, though it may eventualy have the opposite effect, making the hair follicle weaker, i have a friend who has pucked her eyebrows for about 20 years, they hardly grow back now at all. no forms of hair removal make hair grow back thicker or darker, its a myth. it may seem li ( Full Answer )

How can you get your facial hair to grow in darker?

The problem is I'm 17 and everything is dark except my moustache and goatee.Everything leading up to those 2 are dark but they arent and I'm sick of it.I just wanna grow a goatee?!?

Can one apple juice be darker than some lighter?

Absolutely.. Primarily it has to do with how finely filtered it is. The liquid it self doesn't change color, it is the pulp that discolors.. If juice #1 is processed through a less fine filtration system than juice #2, juice #1 will take on a darker color as the pulp oxidzes.

What causes hair to get darker?

sometimes hair grows darker with age but it goes darker when its wet. . Or unless you dye it! lol! =]

Is dying your hair darker damaging to your hair?

Hi There No not at all, as i was light brown and i dyed my hair black and my hair is very healthy. If you get a shampoo for hair colouring it will make you hair feel and look healthier. Good Luck Make-up freak x

Why does skin get darker when hair get lighter in the sun?

Skin gets darker when exposed to sunlight because ultraviolet rays from the sun stimulate the production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that protects the skin from damage. It is produced by melanocyte cells within the skin. Hair also contains melanin, made by melanocytes beneath the scalp. How ( Full Answer )

How do you get darker hair without dyeing it?

By not going out in the sun and there are organic shampoos and conditioners that help get your hair darker :) have fun enjoy Also if you make espresso coffee and let it completely cool, pour it on your hair and it will become a few shades darker.

If you wash your brown hair with coffee will it get darker?

It depends on the kind of hair you have. If you have blond or light brown hair, then yes it will make you hair darker. If you already have dark brown hair then the results will vary. Some people say that it will bring out some natural highlights. If you have black hair, then you are out of luck; the ( Full Answer )

Does coffee make your hair grow darker?

No. Drinking coffee has no effect in your hair color. But if you rinse your hair with coffee, it will give make your hair darker.

Why do shadows have a lighter and darker shadow?

It depends on how the light hits the object. This may be applied to the division between the rings of Saturn, called the Cassini Division. It should carefully noted shadows are dependent on secondary or reflected light= some light is necessary to produce them. a story about a relative of mine who wo ( Full Answer )

Can you naturally make your hair darker?

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions . Use Hershey's unsweetened cocoa to darken hair without dye. Mix equal parts cocoa with shampoo and wash hair as usual. You can either pre-mix by pouring out half your shampoo into another bottle (to save for later), and mixing it with cocoa ahead of ti ( Full Answer )

Does shaving make hair darker?

For the majority yes it does. Answer: This populars misconception is due to the fact that the natural pattern for hair is to start out thin and thicken over its growth cycle (like a skinny cone). Shaving the hair allows the thicker stubble to show which looks darker.

Will it be darker or lighter in the morning when time goes back?

lighter because you will be getting up one hour later than standardtime The above is not correct. It will be darker in the morning forawhile. What used to be 6 will be 7 (in the new time). So, theoriginal 6 will be darker. Nonsense. The original answer is correct. Whatever time sunrise wasthe da ( Full Answer )

Does shaving make your hair grow darker?

Shaving the hair on your head does not make it grow darker. If you have much grey hair before you shave your head, all of your hair will look nearly white when it comes back, but don't panic. As it grows longer, more of your original color will appear among the greys. I've done this several times, ( Full Answer )

On spring forward is it darker or lighter in the morning?

It will be darker in the morning for a while and more light in theevening. The days are slowly getting longer and longer until thesummer solstice on June 21. After that date, they days startgetting shorter. I wish they would just leave it be!

How do I know if my hair will turn darker as you get older?

If your eyebrows are darker than your hair color your hair will probably darken to that hair color of your eyebrows cause I have blondish gold hair and dark brown eyebrows From Asker: That's interesting to know actually, is that proven or does it only happen sometimes? My hair is medium blonde a ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to dye your hair from a lighter color to a darker color?

I have dark hair but know hair pretty well. For example, my friend had blond hair and died it to brown. When you dye hair, the old color goes down to the end of your hair, so it will be lighter on the bottom. If you wash your hair the color will get lighter. If you dye your hair darker when it's lig ( Full Answer )

Can alcohol make a penny darker or lighter?

Tests have shown that it goes both ways, but also it has shown that alcohol leads more to the lighter way. To get it lighter you have to rub the alcohol in. So, it's sort of both depending on how you do it.

How can you tell if your baby will get darker or lighter when born?

Skin colour is determined by the pigments in your skin called melanin. Skin colour is determined by at least 8 different genes in your body acting in a very complex manner. It's impossible to tell based on looking at the two parent's skin colours

Is it lighter or darker in the morning when daylight savings begins?

According to the clock, both sunrise and sunset are an hour later after daylight saving time starts. That means there is less sunlight during DST for any given morning time. For example, in New York City on March 9, 2013, sunrise is at 6:17 AM EST, and sunset is at 5:56 PM EST. On March 10, 201 ( Full Answer )

Do I have to bleach my hair if I am going a darker color?

Read and follow the instructions written on the hair colouringpackage. Personally, to avoid a hair disaster, I would seek advicefrom a professional hair stylist, or let them do your hair first.This will give you the experience to do it yourself in the future.

Do comets appear darker or lighter as they get closer to the sun?

Comets get brighter the closer they get to the sun for two reasons:the sunlight is brighter closer to the sun than it is further awayand the comet heats up closer to the sun causing outgassing and theformation of a large coma composed of dust particles and gas aroundthe comet itself giving a much la ( Full Answer )