Why does he crossdress?


It turns him on. why worry about it. There are many reasons people (men and women crossdress) most to them can only tell you that it makes them feel better about themselves and life and they don't know why it does that. There are some who feel society's forced binary sex roles are not right and that people are on a scale of masculine to feminine - no one is 100% 'male' and no one is 100% 'female.' Others feel they are both femle and male at the same time. At the heart of it crossdressing is about being you, not fooling anyone, not being bad, not going against 'God's Laws', it's about being a better person because you can accepts others; you've learned to accept yourself. He is NOT crossdressing because you are not 'woman' enough for him, she is not crossdressing because she is gay, they do it because their lives are better for everyone when they are themselves. If you are a spouse and want help dealing with it, there is a Yahoo Group called 'The Crossdresser's Secret garden' - there are many wives of CD's there, they aren't judgemental or mean or nasty - they are there to help other spouses.