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My first guess would be a thermostat stuck open. Replace the thermostat.

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Q: Why does heater not heat up temperature gage stays cold?
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What intermittently causes the heater to abruptly blow cold air at the same time the temperature gage indicates?

Air in the water system.

1988 Ford F150 with no heat 2 hoses at the firewall heater core one hose is hot one hose cold Engine hotter than normal Bad Heater core or bad thermostat Thanks?

heater?AC fan does not go on? Temperature gage does not work.

Why does the temperature gage drop below cold on the 2001 Chevy venture?

Probably a bad thermostat.

2005 Honda Civic temperature gage runs on cold is this bad sign?

Honda civic runs on cold bad sign?

What causes the temperature to overheat but the engine be cold on a 1989 Toyota pickup?

i asked this question the tempture gage shows it is over heating but the engine is cold to touch

Check gauges light on Chevrolet astro van stays on?

gage of temperature go to hot position but is not hot the engine check gages light come on

What would cause your 1997 Ford Aspire heater to blow cold air and never heat up also Temperature gage not to work?

More than likely the thermostat is stuck open. Drain the cooling system, replace the thermostat, and install fresh coolant.

What is the normally position of arow in temperature gauge of elantra 1.6 2005?

the normally position of needle in temperature gage is a half of gage.

The petrol gauge speedometer and temperature gauge on your car are not working how can you fix this?

=A Gage is gun a 12 gage=

How can you get a 97 Ford Escort 1.8 Si to stop cutting out when the engine is cold?

a temperature sensor could be faulty...i have a 1994 legacy and i had the same problem...i replaced the temperature gage sensor and i have no more problems.

What is the part on the engine block that sends the information to the hot and cold temp gage called?

In the engine block of a vehicle, the part which is responsible for sending information to the temperature gauge is called the temperature gauge sending unit.

99 Oldsmobile bravada For a while when you have it on heat it wouldn't get warm until you moved the temperature gage to cold and then back to hot what is wrong with your heater?

Typically a inconsistent heating in cars is caused by a low coolant level. Most heater hose takeoffs are on the top side of the engine, so if the fluid level is low the last place for the coolant to flow is through the heater hoses. I have seen this on various makes and models. It is by far the cheapest thing to try too.

How do you maintain the temperature in a refrigerator?

Change the gage from high to low.

Why does my 1998 Ford Ranger temperature gage reads cold all the time?

Probably thermostat sticking open , quite common , had mine changed for the same reason - (Helpfull)

Where is the temp gauge sensor located on 95 civic?

The temperature gage on a 95 Civic can be located on the dash board, assuming this temperature gage is for the heat of the engine. It is usually located near the mileage.

Why would 1991 Nissan Stanza temperature gage always read cold and the heater blow cold air?

This is a quote from a popular auto repair book:"It is rare for the temperature gauge to fail,but if it is erratic in operation check the lead from the (temp. sensor) switch for broken insulation and earthing.If the gauge reads maximum,suspect the sender switch(temp. sensor)." The switch can only be tested with an ohm meter or by substitution of a new unit.I just replaced my tem. switch and it didn't fix my gauge!So...

Temperature gauge Not working on 1996 Escort?

It sounds like a bad Temperature Sensor or the Gage It's self.

Why does my temperature gage only works when car is idle?

Stuck open thermostat.

What happens when temperature gage does not move up or down on Toyota Avalon?


What would cause the temp gage to vary from cold to hot back to cold while driving 99 lumina?

Most likely an air pocket.While your'e driving or while the motor is running put your heater on high(hot air) and after a while the air pocket will be gone.I had the same problem after changing a rad hose and during a two hour road trip ran the heater and everything was ok afterwards

Why temperature gage doesn't work on a 1996 Ford Mustang?

It could be the wiring, or more likley the temperature sender is bad.

Why does the temperature gage on a 1997 Honda civic reads overheated?

because you need coolant.

What would cause gage lights to all come on gas and speedometer to go to zero and radio to go off if heater is turned on?

Sounds like it could be a bad ground in heater motor circuit

Why does Oil pressure gage drops to zero when idle while driving stays around 40 psi?

your oil might be too thin

Your temperature gage takes a long time to start moving up to normal and as soon as the cooling fans cut on the temperature needle drops to cold again?

I suggest you replace your vehicles thermostat; it is located at the lower end of the top radiator hose within the water outlet on the engine.