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Why does heater temp not change when temp dial is changed on a 98 Explorer?


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2008-11-09 03:28:03
2008-11-09 03:28:03

Most likely this is an issue with the blend door. This is a very common problem on the Explorer and a 98 is about due for the failure. Check for diagnostic information and a fix.

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There should be a dial on the front of the heater that you set the temp. with.

From 1995 to 2001 Ford Explorer 4 doors it is a rotary dial on the left side of the CENTER STACK of the dash. From 2002 to 2005 Ford Explorer 4 doors , there are 3 vertical push buttons on the right side of the CENTER STACK of the dash From 2006 on, Ford Explorer 4 doors, there are 3 horizontal push buttons on the CENTER STACK of the dash located above the heater/ air conditioning selector dial. (Helpfull)

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The plenum door is inside your heat/AC system near the heater core. It opens and shuts incrementaly to allow the heater core to heat the air passing by, or closes to keep passing air from heating at all. If you open the glove box on a 95 explorer, you can see the plenum motor... and you should be able to see/hear it moving as you adjust the temperature control dial from cold to hot.

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On the 4x4 equipped , 6 cylinder , 1997 Ford Explorer , it is a dial type switch located in the center stack of the dash just to the left of the radio

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