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If you are not living in the desert where the cold water is hot during the summer, check to see if perhaps the Plumbing is backwards: is the hot water faucet giving cold water? I once had hot water in my toilets.

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Q: Why does hot water come from the cold faucet even when I turned off the hot water valve under all my sinks?
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Why is water not coming from outside faucet?

Seperate valve for outside faucet turned off, broken valve stem inside of outside faucet or handle stripped at faucet.

How do you fix a leak from the intake water valve connection to a bathroom faucet?

broken line under house,shut off valve behind toilet is turned off, blockage at the shut off valve,

The valve in the faucet?

what valve in what faucet exactly.

No water flows from new bathroom faucet?

Have you turned on the shutoff valve below the sink .

What could be the reason for not getting water from the kitchen sink faucets when there is full water pressure on all the other house faucets?

The water valve under the sink is turned off or has gone bad. It is possible that there is a blockage in the faucet itself. I'd start by ensuring that the water valve is turned off, and take the faucet apart and look for anything out of the ordinary.

No cold water only hot in moen faucet?

if it is a single lever faucet the cartridge needs to be replaced. check the supply valve under the sink first,

How do you change a mixing valve in a faucet?

mixing valve in a faucet: ok I will assume you are refering to a shower valve, that is the only faucet w/a mixing valve: shut off the hot and cold water. cut out valve or unsweat it. clean and flux new valve, pipe and fittings(if used) sweat in new valve

What is a mr faucet fixer?

it is a tool that resurfacese the seat on a water faucet valve

Why does my kitchen sink only dispense hot water and not cold?

It should have both. Verify that it has two lines to the faucet. If it does, check to see if the stop valve under the sink has been turned off. It may have been leaking and turned off instead of being repaired.

How do you replace the valve in a Moen shower single handle faucet The faucet was installed in 2004. When you turn the handle to the left for hot the water stops. Hot water is present in the sink?

Turn the water off to the faucet. Remove the handle. The top of the faucet should unscrew to get to the ball valve. Replace the valve and gaskets then reassemble the faucet.

What do Indian call faucet?

tap valve

Where is the water shut off for a shower in the bath tub?

Outside at the main shut off valve. Showers/Bathtubs do not normally have a shutoff valve like sinks and toilets. The main water valve for the house must be turned off.

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