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i would like an answer to that also. i have a 91 1500 and it started to flash the same "code" replaced the pads and rotors, shoes and drums and it had no effect on the warning light. it is a prblem with the ABS

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โˆ™ 2007-12-16 01:58:54
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Q: Why does instrument brake light flash 1 long-4 short on 91 Chevy 3500 truck Brakes work and pedal feels same?
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How do you know when your brakes are bad?

When you push the pedal further to make your car stop. When you hear a grinding noise when brakes are applied. When the vehicles pulls left or right when brakes are applied. When the brake fluid reservoir is low or empty. When you feel a pulsation in the brake pedal when brakes are applied. When the brake pedal feels mushy when brakes are applied.

What wrong with van when driving feels like brakes are on and brake petal is hard to push down?

Sounds like your handbrake is stuck or rear brake drums are seized. Check out hand barke system and rear brakes.

What would cause brakes on 1987 Pontiac 6000LE to quit working One day i pushed the brakes and the pedal lost pressure and now it feels like only one of the brakes is working?

you have brake fluid leak in your brake system somewhere that need to be check.

Feels like the brakes operate when you turn the wheel?

The brakes could be binding or a caliper could be sticking. Remove the wheels and make sure that the brake system is operating properly.

The brake light on instrument panel stays on when driving and brakes feels hard when applying. im driving a Audi a4 2.6?

Having the brake light on whilst driving means that your front brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced. Once you put new pads on it, the problem stops. It is a very quick thing to do and cheap as well.

Why do your brakes get harder and harder the more you use them then they lock the the brakes up it feels like its presuring up and locking them?

When your brakes get harder and harder the more you use them and lock up, this is a symptom of brake failure. You need to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic.

Why is the brake pedal low and it feels like my 97 f150 4x4 doesnt want to stop?

Sounds like the brake system needs bleeding. There may be air in the brake lines the brakes have been blead by a ford dealer twice

Why do the car feels like it want to cut off when pressing on the brakes?

hi u could hav a leak on u vacuum pipe from u engine to the brake servo or u brake servo is faulty

I replaced rear brakes front brakes master cylinder vacuum booster and still have Excessive brake peddle travel in 1990 GMC Sierra 1500?

If the pedal feels soft and spongy, you have air trapped in your brake lines. Did you prime the master cylinder before you installed it? Air in the brake line will not let the fluid fully compress. With all that you changed out, your brakes shoudl feel like new. Read up on how to bleed brakes or take it to a pro.......but don't continue to drive it the way it is.

Why is your 87 Chevy pickup 350motor 350 automatic tranny not really goin into gear and feels like it holding back?

Check your brakes, sounds like they are stuck on. If the brakes are ok the problem is in the transmission. Possibly the convertor or the front pump.

What is a proper way to use anti lock brakes in an emergency situation?

Stomp the brake and steer the vehicle. You should try this at least a couple of times just to know what it feels like. The brake pedal will pulsate and you will hear some really weird noises. This is normal and indicates the system is working. Once you stomp the brakes in an emergency do not release the brake. Simply steer the vehicle out of danger. People are startled by what happens and release the brake, which is the wrong thing to do.

2002 Toyota siena problem with brakes when i apply the brakes it feels like the wheels are shaking?

Answer: Most likely warped rotors. This can be eliminated by either having the current rotors machined or replaced (or both if manufacture recommends it). Visit your local dealer or brake specialist.

Why does brake pedal feels spongy?

air in the brake lines theyneed bleed

Who invented oil lubrication and brakes?

That's how it feels losers

Why is your car feels like its jumping when its stop?

When applying the brakes; if you feel the car jumping it's usually the brake rotors need "turned". And, all depending on the age of the rotors and how much your OLD brake pads have scraped them, you might need to buy new rotors. So, my answer is TURN or REPLACE brake rotors. <end>

How do bleed Plymouth Voyager brakes?

start with the front left brake then go to the fornt right then rear left then rear right, takes two people. pump the brakes till the pedal feels stiff,thrn hold it loosen the bleed screw then retighten it.continue this step on all four brake cylinders until you get steay fluid(no air) coming out of the bleeder screw

Why does a brake pedal feel soft?

Your brake pedal feels soft, one reason for this could be

What does it mean when the ABS light on a 1994 Ford Explorer is coming on and staying on as well as when the brakes are applied the vehicle also feels like it wants to go?

the abs light means you have a problem in your brake system it also means get it to a shop and have it fixed before the brakes fail and you are in a wreck as for feeling like it wants to go when the brakes are applied that in itself tells you there is a problem if the brakes are inadequate while stopped, how is it going to stop you in an emergency

How come I have no brakes when you start the car already bleed the brakes have brakes when the car is off but when I start the car no brakes they are abs?

I would lilke to ask you more questions --but It sounds llike a brake booster that leaks vacuum so when the engine is off there is no assist so the pedal feels hard (but truly if you were rolling and tried to stop the govenor of California couldn't stop the car) Generally this problem needs more info to figure out

Why does your brakes feel soft?

Air is trapped in the system. Bleed the brakes to remove the air. Start at RR then move to LR, then RF, and end at LF.If it is softer than normal, it could be due to air in the lines or a ruptured line.A soft break pedal usually means there is air in the line and you need to bleed the brakes to get it out.That is very often a result of either air in the brake lines, as when you forget to fill the master cylinder, or when the brake mechanisms on the 4 wheels are set to different tolerances.Ans 2 - You can not 'set brake mechanisms to different tolerances' - What utter nonsense ! -When your brake pedal feels soft you definitely have air in the brake lines and should have them checked immediately. There can be a leak in any of the wheel cylinders, or the master cylinder may be 'bypassing' or even (at worst) a rotting brake line the has a tiny leak.

1991 Chevy lumina replaced back brake calipers because they were froozen bled all four brakes with engine not running brake pedal goes to floor it will stop the car?

Sounds to me like you didn't get all the air out of the system. Go get yourself four line clamps. Clamp off all four rubber brake lines and see how the pedal feels. If it is still soft you have a bad master cylinder or air in the master cylinder. If pedal is hard then remove one clamp at a time and check to see if you have pedal. If you remove a clamp and lose your brake pedal then that is where your air is. Keep on bleeding.

Why would a 1987 Honda prelude engine start and run fine when its cold then when it warms up you feels like its losing power and bogging out when accelerating?

Brakes dragging? Return ports on master cylinder restricted? As brake fluid heats it expands, if fluid return passages are plugged calipers will expand causing brakes to apply

99 Chrysler Concorde felt a bump when hit the brakes shortly after car feels like it's being driven w e-brake on but is not i added 1.5 quarts of atf r 4 problem persists is it locked up or something?

If the brakes are staying engaged after pressing down on the pedal then releasing, you either have a leak and the fluid is depleted, or the brake master cylinder is leaking internally or externally. Have the master cylinder checked.

When a 89 civic is going over about 45mph and you apply the brakes the car shudders It isn't a violent bucking but it feels like the breaks are maybe bouncing off the wheels?


Why does your car stop poorly but your brake pedal feels normal?

Because the pressure doesn't change when the brake pads wear out. All that is stopping your vehicle are the actual "pads" that are usually riveted to the "shoe" or disk backing. With most cars having "Power Brakes" now there is little or no effort when pushing the pedal. If it takes longer then usual to stop or you hear a scraping noise every time you use the brakes have them looked at. You should always have the brakes looked at yearly because if you wear the pads down to the metal backing it will wear a groove into the disk or drum and it will cost you more to have them machined back to a level surface. If you have an older car and the brake pads/shoes are fine then replace the rubber brake hose going to the brake disk/drum assembly. The rubber will usually swell or have contaminates, rust, etc, that will accumulate inside and actually block the passage. That's usually the #1 problems with brake issues on old VW Bugs. You should also clean out all the slave cylinders , metal brakes lines and master cylinders also.