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Sodium chloride (iodized table salt has small amounts of potassium iodide added) is not as soluble as magnesium sulfate (epsom salts). As two solutions with the same concentration cool down the sodium chloride will reach saturation first and produce crystals.

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What is the difference between Epsom salt and table salt crystals?

The table salt crystals are more tightly packed together than the epsom salt, and epsom salt crystals are dryer and thinner then the table salt crystals.

Why did your Epsom salt crystals grow bigger and more crystals in the refrigerator then in the room temperature?

Salt isn't as soluble in cold solutions as warm solutions so it would precipitate out of solution in crystallized form.

What happens when you make epsom salt into crystals?

Epsom salt crystals are formed.I hope you weren't expecting something dramatic, because that's about it. It's possibly slightly more exciting than watching paint dry.

Do salt crystals grow more than sugar crystals?

Sugar crystals grow slower than salt crystal, but they grow the same length

How long does it take for salt crystals to grow?

Salt crystals will grow relatively fast. If the salt is dissolved in hot water, the crystals will start to grow if left overnight. After a few days, you will have many more.

Why do sugar crystals grow faster on pipe cleaners than on wooden sticks?

Pipe cleaners have more surface area, and therefore, more places for crystals to grow, than sticks.

Do sugar crystals grow faster in tap water or distilled water?

Sugar crystals grow faster in tap water because there are more chemicals in tap water.

Which forms a crystal faster sugar or salt?

Salt crystals form faster because they clump together, and they are more cubic so they are easier to grow. Sugar crystals, on the other hand, have more density than salt crystals so they take longer to grow.

What does grain size tell you about the orgin and cooling time of an igneous rock?

The larger the crystals, the more time it had to cool because the crystals had more time to grow

Why do salt crystals grow faster on pipe cleaners than on yarn?

Pipe cleaners have more surface area per unit length than yarn, allowing more salt crystals to begin to form, which then grow together giving the appearance that the salt crystals are growing faster.

Do slow cooling rocks have crystals?

Yes, all rocks are made of crystals, and the slower a volcanic rock (magma) cools the larger the crystals grow (because there is more time for them to get bigger).

Why do rocks that cool over longer periods of time have larger crystals than those which cool faster?

When a magma cools down, it becomes a solid. Various atoms "prefer" to be arranged in a crystallic way. So when a magma cools down, crystals start to form and grow. Crystals only grow at their edges, so to make the crystal grow larger, it would need more time to do so. Magma's that cool slower have more time for the crystals inside them to grow, so the crystals will be larger, compared to a magma that cools quicker, or even a magma that comes out of the ground (then called a lava).

Why does rapid cooling of a magma produce small crystals while slow cooling leads to the formation of large crystals?

As lava/magma cools, the minerals will naturally arrange themselves in patterns, (if given enough space). This arrangement of minerals is otherwise known as crystals, as the minerals cool interlocking into one another. These crystals can grow even bigger if there is more time for these crystals to arrange themselves. However, if there is less time, then the crystals can not enlarge so end up being smaller and more frequents. In a nut shell, if the lava/magma has longer to cool, then the crystals have more time to form and grow, therefore, the longer it takes to cool, the larger the crystals.

What type of rock is formed when magma forces itself into surrounding undergroung rock?

Intrusive igneous rocks. These have large crystals because it is warmer underground, therefore it has more time to cool, therefore the crystals have more time to form and grow, thus large crystals.

Why would you expect the crystals in an intrusive rock to be larger than the crystals in the extrusive rock?

Because as an intrusive rock cools underground, it will normally cool more slowly than an extrusive (surface) rock. The slow cooling allows more time for the crystals to grow.

Why does rapid cooling of a saturated solution produce small crystals and slow cooling produce big crystals?

Crystals take time to form.The longer the cooling time,the bigger they will be because crystals grow bigger as there is more time for them to get bigger as compared to rapid cooling.

How do you grow big crystals?

If you use ammonium phosphate you can make large crystals by mixing it with hot water the slower it cools the larger the crystal formed check online for more details

Why do intrusive igneous rocks have larger crystals than extrusive igneous rocks?

More time is spent in the solidification phase as the magma or lava cools, allowing crystals to grow larger.

Is epsom salt the same as magnesium salt?

Yes, Epsom salt is the more properly known as Magnesium Sulfate.

How do you get more crystals in moshi monsters?

how do you get more crystals from moshi monsters

How long does it take to grow crystals?

It will take 39 hours or more. And that is if ur lucky!!! mine took 3 months

The longer it takes for a rock to cool and solidify the more time?

...the crystals have to grow, giving the rock a(n) coarser grain.

Can you use Epsom salts instead of Glauber salts?

These two salts are laxatives, but the Epsom salt is more frequently used.

Is epsom salt more soluble than table salt?

No epsom salt isn't more soluble than water because it is made of magnesium sulphate and table salt is made of nacl also because epsom salt is more used for other things not food

Does Iodized salt raise water density more than table salt?

It's hard to tell. Almost all table salt sold in the US is iodized.

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