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Why does it burn when you get water in your nose?

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Basically there's very sensitive tissue in the deeper areas of your nose. That coupled with the fact that the skin up there has a very high density of blood vessels which warms the air going into your lungs. It's so warm that the water is like an ice bath for your poor little nose.

2009-09-17 14:54:10
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Can smelling sulfur burn your nose?

yes...of course!

What happens to your eyes and nose when you smoke?

your eyes will begin to turn yellow and your nose will burn.... if someone inhales the smoke through their nose it can damage their nose tissues

What do you do if you get burn by water in the shower?

you can get a burn by the water if the water is to hot.

Does water burn vampires?

There is no vampires that burn from regular water but in some stories Holy Water can burn them.

What happens if you snort salt?

Nothing for a few seconds, then it will burn and your nose nose will start running. The burning will be tolerable pretty quick, but the drip will continue longer because the salt is drawing water out of the mucus membranes.

Why did poppers burn my nose?

Its an acid ..keep it away from your skin.

What are the effects of snorting fluoxetine?

Your nose will burn like hell.

What happens when you snort naproxen?

all it does is burn your nose and make it run

What would happen if you snoted peppermint?

from pearsonal expirences it will burn your nose

Do nosebleeds affect your new or healed nose piercing?

nose bleeds can burn and make new nose peircings sore but it doesnt make a difference for a healed one

How do you get water out of your nose?

breathe in your mouth and breathe out your nose

How do you burn sea water?

You don't. Sea water is the combustion byproduct of hydrogen. That is, water is water you get when you burn hydrogen.

When was Fire Water Burn created?

Fire Water Burn was created in 1996.

What effects do skunks cause?

When a skunks spray hits its target, the spray smells so bad it can burn the nose and eyes. The smell can not be washed off with water either.

How can you get rid of a stuffy nose without medicine?

take drops of warm salt water and put it down each of your nostrils. it will burn a little but it breaks down the mucus.

Why is the space shuttle's nose round and not pointed?

The Space Shuttle's nose is round because if it were pointed, the nose, and then the rest of the craft, would burn up from reentry into the earth's atmosphere.

How to swim underwater without holding your nose?

This is the easiest way to not hold your nose underwater. When you go underwater, blow bubbles out of your nose. This will prevent the water from entering your nose. Just blow bubbles out of your nose frequently and no water will get up your nose.

Has different properties than the elements that make it up?

Water. You can burn oxygen and you can burn hydrogen but you can't burn water.

What will snorting baclofen do?

make your nose burn lol... better ingested honestly...

What is a sentence for the word scent?

In the night the scent of the roses made my nose burn

Why is a steam burn worse then a water burn?

stream have more temperature than water

What does smoking do to cilia?

Chain smoking will burn and damage the cillia of the nose of which helps keep the nose clean and free from foreign body invasion.

Can you put Vicks Vaporub on your dogs nose?

Absolutely not! It will burn the dogs' nose , and tongue, because no doubt it will try ti lick it off.

Can water burn under water?


How do you stop nose bleed?

grab a tissue and and wash it with water and but it on your nose