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Maybe because his fingers are big , he has sharp nails or your vagina is still tight

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Should it hurt when my boyfriend fingers me?

Generally no, unless you were "technically" a virgin before hand, then yes it may...

Why do your joints in your fingers hurt?

They hurt because since your fingers have big bumps on them, they hurt.

Why does it hurt when your boyfriend penetrates you with his fingers before sex?

because u are not ready yet. once u become v"wet", then his fingering wont hurt

I have herpes can my boyfriend get it if he fingers me then licks his fingers?


Will it hurt the first time your boyfriend fingers you?

No it doesnt hurt, its actually quite enjoyable really. Just make sure you tell him how you would like him to do it slow-fast etc. x

How to make your boyfriend hurt?

You can make your boyfriend hurt by poking him in the eye!

Does it hurt when a girl fingers herself?

No, it should not hurt.

Can eating garlic cause fingers to hurt?

Well no, but if you have sensitive skin than sometimes it can make your fingers hurt.

Can my boyfriend get herpes if he fingers you then licks his fingers?

Yes it is very likely

Can a virgin get hurt if someone fingers her?

She won't get hurt but she can Bleed

Can you get fingers cut off if you touch mold?

No mould will not hurt your fingers.

Why do basketball players tape 2 fingers together?

They tape their fingers because their fingers are hurt or broken.

Can you get STDs if your boyfriend fingers you with saliva on his fingers?

It is possible, but not likely to catch a STD in this manner.

When a doctor fingers you vagina does it hurt?

The doctor doesn't finger you, he examines you and no it doesn't hurt.

When your boyfriend fingers you a girl?

This question makes no sense.

What does it mean when your fingers are crooked and sometimes hurt?


Can fingering a girl hurt her?

If her cherry is not popped yet or if you use toany fingers inside her it will hurt her

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he is not trying to hurt you?

It means...he's not trying to hurt you.

Will you not be able to use your fingers after you pull your fingers frequently?

no you will be able to use them but pulling your fingers causes arthritis. so itll hurt when youre older.

Why do your fingers hurt?

Your finger hurts because it might be broken

How do you say boyfriend in sign language?

you do the sign for boy which is a squished "C" right in front of your forehead then the friend sign which is making hooks with your index fingers and twisting your wrists to interlock your fingers

Does it feel good if your boyfriend fingers you and your a virgin?

Yes it does. However it does hurt a bit when he first puts it in cause you are a virgin. But yeah my boyfriend fingered me for the first time yesterday and it felt great. Just make sure you are lying down comfortable when he is doing it so it feels a lot better. And I recommend one finger for the first time cause two kind of hurt

Why do your fingers hurt from playing video games?

They won't unless you play for too long, in which case you overexerted the muscles in your fingers.

When your boyfriend fingers you i you start to bleed does that mean he popped your cherry?


What does touching two index fingers together mean in sign language?

it means hurt. im hurt or that hurts.