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it probably has a govern on it

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Q: Why does it only go to 3000 rpms when you push the gas all the way to the floor?
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Why would a car start up at 3000 RPMs?

maybe your rpms gauge is broken.get it looked at by a professional

Why would a car shake after starting and have high RPMs like 3000 RPMs and 55mph?

major vacuum leak?

How many revolution does the crankshaft make per second at 3000 rpms?

It makes: 3000/60 = 50 per second

Why does your 99 Saturn always idle at 3000 RPMs?

You have a vacum leak. A big one. Check all your hoses. Idle should be under 1k rpms

What would cause your accord to jerk and NOT accelerate at 3000 rpms in each gear?

igniter is possibility

What is the horsepower and torque ratings for a 1975 454 truck engine?

Advertised Horsepower and torque is... HP-----245 @ 4000 RPMs Torque.......355 ft. LBS. @ 3000 RPMs

Is it bad to accelerate in a 1996 Camry with 228K on the clock at 3000-4000RPM will this shorten its life or not if so what are good RPMs to accelerate without hurting it?

No no no, 3000-4000 rpms is the average speed for highway traveling, driving too close to the red mark on your rpm is bad

When driven at 70 your RPMs are at 3000 what does that mean?

3000 rpm means that the engine is doing 3000 revolutions per minute. In a lower gear at the same speed the engine would be doing more revolutions per minute.

When you start 2000 s-10 rpms go to 3000 then down to 500 back to 3000 then 500 and so on is this a throttle pos sensproblem?

check for a vacuum leak on the throttle body

What causes your 1981 Datsun pu to have 3000 rpms at 40 mph in 5th gear?

It sounds like your clutch is slipping.

What would cause a 90' 4.0l in-line 6 5 speed manual Comanche to jerk sputter and loose rpms when i reach 3000 rpms?

sounds like a fuel filter, do you have any more dignostics?

How much horse power does a 72 Chevy c20 5.7 350 motor have?

Advertised HorsePower is :Factory 4-barrel , 225 HP @ 4600 RPMS. Torque is: 355 FT. LBS @ 3000 RPMS.

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