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i dont know why she loves him


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he loves them both. but his feelings for kagome is very strong

Inuyasha had always loved Kagome, but he is so stubborn to admit his true feelings for her.

No, he still loves her, but also loves kagome.

well, inuyasha kinda loves both of them. he loved kikyo, but then began having feelings for kagome. *spoiler alert* in the end, kikyo dies and he chooses kagome (thank goodness!)

Because she loves him and admits it in inuyasha episode 48

Never, Inuyasha says that although he still loves Kikyo he's willing to have Kagome by his side for the rest of his life.

kagome does say she loves inuyasha just not to him. she yells it in episode 126 and inuyasha saves her but he doesn't hear it

yes inuyasha loves kikyo and also kagome

Um i don't know. but the episode that kagome admits that she loves him is episode 126. Hope this helps!:)

No, because kagome is not in love with sesshomaru she is in love with seeshomaru's younger brother inuyasha. Sesshomaru does not even like kagome. Inuyasha LOVES kagome. You can just tell. Course not. Sesshomaru doesn't even like Kagome.

Inuyasha loves both of them . Kagome and Inuyasha have a different love from what him and Kikyo had . If anyone has ever been in love, you will know what its like ; Specially from kikyos perspective .

i think she will try to but will not succeed...she loves him to much

Inuyasha hurts Kagome sometimes when he is full demon, and in the first couple episodes, but he loves her so much, he cannot bear to hurt her.

They are not necessarily going out, but they do know how the other feels about them. For example Inuyasha knows Kagome loves him and vise versa. So they love each other and they show their feelings however, Inuyasha still loves Kikyo as well. So when he goes off with Kikyo it is like he is cheating on Kagome.

Yes he loves kagome but his first love is kikyo but I think he feels stronger toward kagome Because kagome is always on his side

Kagome does love Inuyasha.

in the epsiode where she adimts and on movie 2

no because they dont love eachother amd kagome loves inuyasha and sesshomaru loves rin like a daughter

No, inuyasha and kagome never had kids

in movie 2 after inuyasha and kagome kiss inuyasha hugs kagome it made me cry!

Yes! Of course she does! In the earlier episodes she tries to kill Kagome because she loves Inuyasha! Kikyo may never admit it, but she still has feelings for Inuyasha, and Inuyasha loves her back.

No, he chooses Kagome. Kikyo's not really alive--she lives off the souls of other people's --and Kagome makes more sense, anyway. Also, Kagome and Kikyo are very different people, regardless of Kagome being Kikyo's reincarnation .But...yes, Inuyasha chooses Kagome, he loves her for who she is anyway--not for Kikyo. Ep 47-48 he chooses to be with Kikyo, but that doesn't happen, because Kikyo will die and Kagome is ended up to be with Inuyasha, and Inuyasha and Kagome were born for eachother not Inuyasha and Kikyo. Although Inuyasha does love Kikyo, but also Kagome.

No, they do not. Koga likes Kagome but she only thinks of him as a friend... She loves Inuyasha. Kagome only kisses Inuyasha once(?) in the original series and once in a movie... She's not the type to 'make out' with just anyone.

Kagome doesn't kiss anyone but Inuyasha. As for Inuyasha he has kissed both Kikyo and Kagome.

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