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Unlike physical geometry which are the actual heads, tracks, and sectors, logical geometry is basically that information which is reported as addressable to the Bios/Os

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For older drives why does the logical geometry sometimes differ from the physical geometry of a hard drive?

They are both life and logic theory.

How many logical drives are on a hard drive?

When you partition a hard drive into two or more partitions (storage areas) those extra drives are called logical drives. So you can have 2 or 3 or more logical drives on one physical hard drive. It varies.

Fat32 is efficient for logical drives up to?

16 GB

What is a hard drive or floppy disk composed of?

logical drives

FAT32 is efficient for logical drives up to GB?


How many logical drives can be created on a fat drive?


How many logical drives can be established in a fat based system?


What can an extended partition be divided into one or more what drive?

Logical Drives

What is a logical drive error?

One of your drives has an error (known or unknown)

What advantages Logical Volume Manager have over other partitions?

* use and allocate disk space more efficiently and flexibly * move logical volumes between different physical devices * have very large logical volumes span a number of physical devices * take snapshots of whole filesystems easily, allowing on-line backup of those filesystems * replace on-line drives without interruanpting services

Which raid technology is used today?

As a rule, the most common RAID levels in use today are:No RAID - logical data volumes exist within single physical driveRAID 0 - logical data volumes striped across multiple physical drives with no parity/data protection. Common, but not necessarily a good idea (backup is important here).RAID 1 - logical data volumes mirrored, bit-for-bit, between two physical drives (in come implementations, additional mirror drives can be created)RAID 5 - logical data volumes striped across multiple drives with parity/data protection generated and distributed among all drives in the RAID set.Three notes come to mind:Depending on implementation, RAID devices appear as a logical (or physical) drive to the OS or application. Software RAID, configurable in utilities such as in Windows Disk Manager or MDADM (Linux) works just below the operating system, providing a representation of a virtual physical disk to the operating system.Sometimes, RAID levels are combined, such as RAID 0+1 (striped, then mirrored) or RAID 1+0/10 (mirrored, then striped).As drives and RAID sets get larger (2-3 TB+), the time to recalculate/recover data for a failed physical drive becomes prohibitive, both in downtime/degraded operation and vulnerability to data loss from an additional failure.A number of new technologies, as well modifications to classic RAID, are being explored to address shortcoming 3.

What is the name of the table at the beginning of a hard drive that tells where logical drives?

Partitioning Table

Three types of information contained in a hard drives partition table?

There are three types of partitions: primary partitions, extended partitions and logical drives

Can be used to partition a drive and create logical drives within these partitions?

The computer management feature in Windows can be used to partition a drive and create logical drives within these partitions. There are also commercial and non-commercial programs available for the same purpose.

A physical hard drive that has 2 or more drive letters?

It probably has a partition, which is a way of separating a physical drive into 2 or more logical drives. This is useful is you want to install 2 operating systems, or if you want your operating system on one drive and your data on the other.

What function does the fdisk program perform?

With FDISK you can create or delete harddisk partions or logical drives

Event log can be used to partition a drive and create logical drives within these partitions?

no event viewer

What is a graphical user friendly utility that you can use to create partitions and format logical drives?

Disk Management

How many logical drives can a typical FAT file system contain?

26 as it can be each letter of the alphabet.

What is the maximum number of logical drives in MS-DOS?

27 (one for each letter of the alphabet).

How were the drives for independence in Mexico and Brazil different?

How did the independence of Brazil differ from that of Mexico

How do you make a seagate hard disk format for the full value?

It may be due to bad sectors that cannot be repaired, or depending on the format partition type FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS. It may be you have the physical HD partitioned into logical drives.

What are biological drives?

The basic physical drives of animals which are required for survival of self & gene . are Hunger/thirst, sex .

When windows 2000xp is installed on a new hard drive each partition is divided into one or more what?

logical drives

The name of the table at the beginning of a hard drive that tells where logical drives are stored on the hard drive?

Partitioning Table.

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