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because she wanted to

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Q: Why does mama take the children to visit mr berry instead of scolding or whippin them from roll of thunder hear my cry?
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Explain to them that it's wrong, illegal; and if you're religious, that God sees it as a sin. If that doesn't work, then someone might need a butt whippin'.

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yes kids who have been sent to the office 3 times needs a belt whippin on bare but 120 lashes shouls teach em

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Baking soda plus vinegar produces?

My name is Professor Zandy Aigler, DR MMD PhD OUT (other useless title). I have studied at the University of Cambridge, studying foreign languages and the composition of human words of the evolution of mankind. For the past twenty years, I have dealt with the words spoken and written by ancient humans, and I believe your question offers another set for my collection. I have spent countless hours studying the make-up of words over time, as I said, and my education exceeds yours by miles. Maybe leagues. If your intelligence was gas, and mine was ethanol, I'd be whippin' your butt on the way to the moon in my non-air-polluting vehicle! I digress. A lot. Anyways, the question offered... "Baking soda plus vinegar produces?" is in fact not a question at all. It is a -fragment-, my friend, a -fragment-! Obviously English is not your first language. Maybe second or third. Are you a polyglot? Oh, I'd love to meet and discuss the origin of Spanish and French words. All I know is "Te Llama" and "Wi" and even though I've been studying these languages for year, it does not mean I learn them. Please reach me at my email, Anyways, Baking soda plus vinegar creates hippos.

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