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cab lot of answers to that one but first place to check, is to make sure automatic choke is shutting off completely Spark plug gap is pretty important. Pull the plugs and gap to .30 to .35 and that may help the engine to run more smoothly.

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What is causing my 2002 golf dti to misfire when cold?

most cars misfire when it is really cold. try to warm up your engine before starting it up. If it still misfires when it's a nice day, something is wrong with your engine (spark plugs, battery, etc.)

Would a defective thermostat on a 1993 GEO Prizm cause low readings on the temperature gauge and little heat in the car?

Yes! Thermostat stuck open. Replace thermostat. It could, but the thermostat is normally open when the engine is warm so you should only notice this when the engine is cold or warming up.

Can the throttle body on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity cause miss fires when engine is warm?

Misfire is usually caused by faulty spark plug wires or spark plugs or both. I don't see the throttle body causing misfire.

Why does the check engine light come on?

1996 Ford Contour is sometime caused by a misfire on startup. The error will clear itself after 3 complet warm-up cycles not restarts.

How the car react when a Cylinder does not work?

The LS is prone to coil failure which leads to a misfire in the affected cylinder. A misfire due to a failing coil usually happens when the engine is warm and under load (low RPMs, accelerating or going uphill). The misfire may feel like a transmission problem because it causes the car to buck and stutter as though the gears were skipping or getting stuck briefly. The worse the misfire gets, the harder it will be to accellerate. Sometimes the misfire condition can be overcome by applying more RPMs or reducing the load on the engine. See my post about the valve cover leaking issues contributing to this issue.

What would cause engine to bogg down once it is warm on a 1993 Mazda mx3?

Are you sure warm has anything to do with it? I thought my mx-3 getting warm then bogging down and it ended up being that the catalytic converter had fallen apart and was restricting the exhaust.

Why would an engine not get warm?

Bad thermostat? Doesn't close enough to allow engine to warm up properly

Why would a 1993 automatic ford prode vibrate a lot in d when stopped but smooth is p r N?

Try adjustin the engine idle speed,(600-800 rpm) but remember adjust it when the engine is warm,a cold engine will raise your rpm and lower to normal when it becomes warm. If this does not solve out you may need to adust the alternator belt.Good luck

1994 geo prizm the engine does not get warm?

Your thermostat may be stuck in the open position. It is a strightforward task to replace it. If you pop the hood and look from the driver side towards the engine you will see a small diameter hose connected to the thermostat housing with 2 bolts. Drain the coolant, remove the bolts, replace the thermostat and refill.

Why would a Nissan altima have a bad vibration from the engine when cold but when warm it is fine This is a 1993 altima and has had a recent tune-up?

starting with the redesigned 1998 altima the engine crankshaft was balanced much better to reduce vibration. we have a 1993 and a 1999 altima with the same engine and the 1999 is so smooth at idle i sometimes can't tell if it's running.

How much oil pressure should you have on a dodge caravan?

Minimum of 10 psi at idle when the engine is warm.Minimum of 10 psi at idle when the engine is warm.

What should the idle be on 96 dodge 2500 diesel?

Around 750 rpm with warm engine and in gear.Around 750 rpm with warm engine and in gear.

What happens when I Overfill a turbo diesel engine?

I recently serviced a 2010 f350 with 6.4 diesel engine that was overfilled 9 quarts. Yes nine quarts. Truck ran like that for over a month and the symptomps were similar to having a misfire. The idle was rough, truck was shaking a lot,like it had a bad engine mount it was also choking at times especialy when warm.

How do you set the factory timing on 1993 Toyota celica gt 2.2 engine?

5S-FE engine. engine warm. jump terminals TE1 and E1 in the data link collector box in the bay. hook up the t-light, timing is 10 degrees BTDC

What are the release dates for Bonkers - 1993 Is Toon Fur Really Warm 1-6?

Bonkers - 1993 Is Toon Fur Really Warm 1-6 was released on: USA: 9 September 1993

1993 acura legend hard to start morning time only?

we have 1993 acura legend it hard up it 4 to 5 times to start up when it start it will start up e.z i mean when engine warm up any body have any idea ?

Dodge Colt 1989 with a Mitsubishi 1.5 engine does not start when warm?

It starts better when its warm!

Why does it cut out on cold start?

because the engine is cold and you need to keep the engine warm.

Why do you plug in diesel engine?

The "plug" powers an coolant heater. A diesel engine starts easier if the engine is warm.

Your car is a 1993 Mercury Topaz Why does it overheat when it gets warm?


Why doesn't your 1993 Honda Accord turn on when you leave it out under the sun for too long?

Actually, mine does, but thanks for asking. We need a better description of the problem before we can help. Describe the symptoms a little better. Does the engine crank? Does it do it only when the engine is warm, etc?

Misfire when warm?

Faulty: spark plug, spark plug wire, ignition coil, ignition module, fuel injector are the most common. Coolant leaking into a cylinder is another. Internal engine problems such as burnt valve, broken valve spring, bent push rod, worn rings

Why would a 1993 Dodge Intrepid turn over but not start when the engine is warm but let it sit overnight and it starts right up till it is warm again?

check ignition control module. that is where i would start looking. 2. Had a similar problem with '98. Replaced ASD relay in engine compartment fuse box (12 bucks) and problem went away.

Warm engine won't start?

why won't 1992 Accura Integra RS start in warm weather

What is the purpose of a thermostat in an engine?

to keep engine warm faster n regulate heat to radiator

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