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this could be because of either 2 things. firstly your idle rev controller located just in front of your accelerator cord. it is a black square shaped box with a 12/14 pin connector attached this is all ECU controlled and sometimes can cause low idle revs which in turn can cause the engine to stall when sat idle.

more likely is that you may need need spark plugs and leads.

i had this happen to me. dry morning the car would start no problem. but the slightest damp or cold night. start up was a nightmare. the spark leads are located to the right hand side of your engine. the connectors sit upon an orange tinged box. i would recommend approaching this first before wasting money getting diagnostics on the ECU. i, personally would recommend bosch leads, and at 23 quid per set you can really go wrong.

one way of fault finding as i found out to be the problem was to try and start the engine or get a mate too. and watch the base of where the lead is connected. my problem was damp in the connectors aswell as a split pin in one of them. you should see small blue sparks rise from the base this is condensation making contact with the water that has gathered.

ADVISED not to touch/fiddle wilst running = nasty shock.

hope it helps :)

you should spray the distributor cap with WD40 because there is moisture in it and also spray the spark plugs.

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