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Do you have the performance shift on? Its the button on the side of the shifter. Pushed in is "Perf Mode" released out is normal mode. at night you will see it in green on the left, top side of the gauge cluster. If that's not it check the tranny fluid level.

2011-09-13 23:58:21
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Where is the fuel filter in a 1999 Pontiac grand am se?

It is located to the rear of the fuel tank and behind the rear differential up high.

Why does your 1999 Pontiac grand am heater ac only work on high?

There is a resistor pack operated by the fan switch. It has failed. You need to replace it.

How do you install the low beam on a 1999 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

the low and high beam are in one bulb. remove the battery and air filter and you will have access to them

What is the performance shift function for on the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 1998?

Its causes gear shifts at high throttle at 5800 rpms instead of at 3800 - 4400 as stock computer will do in GTP

What causes a Pontiac grand am to idle high?

did you find a solution yet

Is running an 02 Pontiac Grand AM at 2000 RPMs regularly when driving too high RPM?


What is the high and low pressure in ac of a 2004 Pontiac grand am?

buy the book on your car car.

What is a stock Pontiac Grand Am headlight bulb?

It will depend on year of Pontiac Grand Am and whether you are looking for high-beam or low beam. See sources and related links below to lookup by make, model and year.

How high do you need to lift a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix to fit 22 inch rims?

you dont.....

What if your 99 Chevy 4x4 wauto trans won't shift into high gear?

If the transmission on a 1999 Chevy 4x4 will not shift into high gear, there could be a problem with the shift solenoid. There could also be a problem with a broken belt inside the transmission.

Pontiac Grand Am 2000 fan only works on high?

Check for a bad blower resistor at blower motor

Why would the engine on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT shut down on warm sunny days at high speeds?

Sounds like an electrical problem. Only way to determine is to take it to a reputable shop and have them dignosis the problem.

What would cause your transmission to jerk when going from neutral to drive in my 200 Pontiac grand am?

Idle speed too high.

Could the heater contol switch on a 2002 Pontiac Grand AM only work on high and if so why?

blower motor resister is bad

What is obd code 108 97 Pontiac grand prix?

Trouble code P0108 means:MAP Sensor Circuit High Input

Why don't I have low beams on my Pontiac grand prix gtp but have high beams?

the low beam part of the bulb could be bad.

How do you shift 1996 grand Cherokee Laredo from 4 wheel drive to 2 lo?

I believe you have a 2 high, 4 high and 4 low. There is no 2 low.

Will a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am door fit a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am body?

Yes it will fit rather nicely. Be careful, though, that you first incorporate the high impact jizm load indicator before tightening the rotational chaumfaxing resuscitator. If you remember to do it, changing doors will be a breeze.

How many miles to the gallon does a 1994 Pontiac grand am get?

It depends on the engine. On my 94 Grand am with 3.1 V6 I get about 19 miles to the gallon in town and 25 miles to the gallon on the high way. David

Does a 1999 Pontiac Firebird have two timing chains?

If your talking about an ls1 then no it does not unless it is a high performance timing chain then it could be double

What is the proper way to engage and disengage the 4-wheel high and low system in a 96 grand Cherokee?

You must stop,shift into neutral, then shift into 4x4 high/low and back into drive. To disengage, stop again, shift to neutral, then shift back in 2x4 and drive, for safety you should reverse about 10-15 feet to help disengage the shaft.

When was Pontiac Central High School created?

Pontiac Central High School was created in 1849.

When did Pontiac Central High School end?

Pontiac Central High School ended in 2009.

When was Pontiac Township High School created?

Pontiac Township High School was created in 1898.

I replaced blower motor on 2002 Pontiac grand prix was'NT working at all now only works on high speed?

blower resistor