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If it's WHITE smoke, it's probably mostly steam, and indicates you are about to blow a head gasket. Get it fixed quick. If it goes completely, you could be looking at a complete engine rebuild.

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How many wind turbines replace a coal power station?

A v 90 wind turbine produces around 3 megawatts an hour of electricity when the wind is blowing.

What is the 1050 Toronto website about?

1050 Toronto may refer to the website for the 1050 Toronto radio station. Another website with the name 1050 Toronto directs to a video on glass blowing.

Why will scientists blow up part of the moon?

NASA is blowing up a part of the moon to make a crater to see if there is any water and to build an International Space Station. It will not have any affect to us on earth.

What is the environmental issues for nuclear power station?

The problems with nuclear power stations is that they are very dangerous and if something goes wrong they can end up blowing a hole in the country because of the amount of energy they contain

What is penalty for not stopping by weigh station?

The penalty for "Blowing" a scale varies from place to place. Most places do not require RVs to stop, when they do you can expect a $100.00 to $1,500.00 fine + any fines for other infractions.

Why the south facing slopes of the Himalayas have more hill station?

Its expericene more sunlight and himalaya mountain prevent the cold winds of north and central asia from blowing into the south, thus protecting it from severely cold winters.

When is NASA blowing the hole in the moon?

They plan to blow part of it up Oct. 9, 2009 at 7:30 a.m. They want to blow part of it up so they can see if there is water and so they can build an International Space Station.

When was Station to Station created?

Station to Station was created on -19-11-10.

Why is a fuel burning power station more reliable than a wind generator at producing electricity?

Fuel burning stations especially gas can get started to producing electricity very quickly plus for a wind farm you must have the wind blowing

How do you know when you've blown a fuse in a 1989 Chevy Celebrity station wagon?

You know your car has blown a fuse if whatever the fuse is for suddenly quits working. For example if your radio is playing and for no reason quits it may be a fuse has blown.

What is the closest station to Casey research station in antarctica?

the closest station to casey is mirny station

When was Central Station Metro station created?

Central Station Metro station was created in 1981.

Which are the two stations in India?

you not specified what railway station or hill station if hill station Dalhousie and Shimla are hill station and if railway station Vadodara and Surat are railway station

What is a book title that includes a station in the title?

Tokyo Station, Ice Station, Ice Station Zebra, Atlantis Station, Breakaway Stationj

What is difference between station and station yard?

the difference between a station and a station yard is that a station yard is where trains get put when they are no longer used.

What is a balloon building in an Antarctic station?

A balloon-shaped building could shield a satellite dish from intense wind, or the builidng could be an astronomical facility. There is a decommissioned geodesic dome at the South Pole, which is currently being buried by blowing ice crystals.

What is station in french?


Name a song with the word station in it?

'Station to Station' by David Bowie.

What compound word ends with station?

train station bus station

When was Mountain Station - NJT station - created?

Mountain Station - NJT station - was created in 1915.

When was Formby Power Station railway station created?

Formby Power Station railway station was created in 1917.

When did Formby Power Station railway station end?

Formby Power Station railway station ended in 1944.

What is the nearest train station to luss Scotland?

There are 5 railway stations within 25 miles of Luss: Balloch Station Cardross Station Alexandria Station Helensburgh Upper Station Arrochar and Tarbet Station

What is the distance from delhi railway station station to charampa railway station?

There is no Charampa railway station. You need to get down at Bhadrak. Charampa is near Bhadrak Railway Station.

When was Waiakea Mission Station-Hilo Station created?

Waiakea Mission Station-Hilo Station was created in 1855.