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This is commonly cause when the transmission is replaced and the shift linkage is not hooked up properly. Find the shift cable on your transmission and disconnect it, then put your shifter into park. The transmission linkage needs to be put in park as well. Now that both the transmission and your shifter are in park, you can adjust the cable accordingly and reconnect it. This should solve your problem.

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Q: Why does my Mercury Mountaineer not shift into park?
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No,a transmission on a 2005 mercury mountaineer will not fit on a 2000 mercury mountaineer unless you change the oil message on the mountaineer.

Why does a 1997 mercury mountaineer start in neutral and not park?

The shift interlock mechanism probably needs to be repaired. The owners manual probably gives instructions for temporarily overriding this, but it would be best to have it repaired.

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Mercury Mountaineer was created in 1997.

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You can view the 2006 Mercury Mountaineer owner manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides Page 219 explains what to do if you can't shift out of PARK with the brake pedal depressed You can also check for a blown fuse for the brake light circuit.

What fuse controls the park release on a 2002 mercury mountaineer?

Should be common to the brake light circuit

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In a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer : ( 4R70W )

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