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You need a spark arrestor. The above statement is true if one of the exhaust manifolds or mufflers is cold or cooler than the other.

Unburnt gas igniting in muffs. Bad unclean carbs is also a possibility. My old quad used to do that to I think that when you let off the gas the rpm's are still kind of high and more air is getting to the engine and less gas and it kind of backfires sort of like but its not a bad thing I might have it backwards it could be running rich to.

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Why would cause a Honda XR100 dirt bike to shoot flames from the muffler when letting off the throttle?

bad carb setting/jetting or a timing issue . Read the plugs and see if the mixture is good , then check timing per manufacture instructions... if you have a upgraded pipe they always do that. it also could be running rich

What is a xr100?

a dirt bike

What is the dirt bike in terminator 2?

1989 Honda xr100

How fast does a 2001 xr100 Honda Dirt bike go?


How much is a 2000 Honda XR100 dirt bike worth?


How fast would is a xr100 dirt bike?

55 mph or 60 own hill ...

What is a good beginner dirt bike for someone 5foot 100pounds?

An older Honda XL100, XR100.

How much is a mongoose XR100 mountain bike cost?

A Mongoose Mountaiin Bike brand new at The Bicycle Shop cost $350 in 2010

How do you silence a dirt bike?

get a bigger muffler

Why does Xr100 dirt bike stall when clutch is let out?

you got to give it gas so you can take of and then it wont stall

What is the best dirt bike to get?

For trails XR100-XR650.For motocross YZ85-Yz125no that is not. the best is a razor electric dirtbike

Do ride a Honda xr100 with the choke on?

I assume your question was "do you ride an Xr100 with the choke on?". In response to that the answer is no. If you are having to run it with the choke on, that is an indication of clogged jets in the carburetor which will require removing the carburetor, disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and reinstalling on the bike.

How reduce noise on bike exhaust?

Put a different muffler on.

Where is the throttle located on a dirt bike?

The same as a street bike. On the right handlebar.

What is the meaning of DBS muffler?

DBS stand for Debbie Bike Shop

Is it bad to ride a dirt bike with no muffler?

It is not bad to run it without a muffler with a straight pipe. But remember the louder it is doesn't necessarily mean the better the performance.

What do I do if I have water in dirt bike exhaust from washing?

plug up your muffler next time

How do i adjust the throttle on the baja mini bike?

There's an adjustment nut on the hand grip for the throttle cable. Back it out to make the throttle tighter, and screw it in for looser.

Is there a 100cc dirt bike?

there are lots of common 100cc dirtbikes like kx100, rm100 (rare) and 4 strokes including crf100, xr100 and lots more.

How do you corner on a motocross bike?

Turn the handlebars with throttle control and leaning.

How do you brake on a motor bike?

Ease up on the throttle, apply the brakes.

Whats the best dirt bike for a 14- year old kid?

depends on how tall and what your weight is. if your average or a bit above it for your age, a HONDA XR100 will do nicely.

Do you always have to be on the throttle on a competition dirt bike?

no, you should give it more gas then a trail bike though. but not all the time.

What is the oil capacity of a Honda Xr100 dirt bike?

Hey i have a 2000 xr100r honda dirtbike what kind of fork oil needs to go in it and how much plz someone help me fast

How can you make your raw 80cc motor go faster?

At the bottom of the muffler there is a cap. undo the screw and take the cap off for about 10mph boost.. note removing the muffler cap makes the bike noiseier