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There may be several reasons why the air only blows out the front vents and not on the floor or the defrost on the 2003 Dodge Ram. The fuses may be blown, or the heating coil is not working correctly.

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Q: Why does my air only blows out my front vents and not the floor or defrost on your 03 dodge ram?
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Why does your air only blows out the front vents and not the floor are defrost on your 2003 dodge ram?

This is the same on all cars. When the air flow is OFF in a section, the it blows stronger to the other vents. In this case the ones for the windshield. This makes defrosting quicker so you can start driving safely sooner.

Why does Air conditioner work on defrost only and no front vents or floor?

Vacuum leak

93 Lincoln Mark 8. No air blows through front dash vents only defrost and floor cold or hot. It doesn't matter. I have checked for vacuum leaks but there are none. What else could there be?

Check the blend door actuator.

1998 Durango Vent controls stuck in defrost mode will not blow through dash any suggestions Ac works but only blows to front windshield and floor.?

Check for vacuum leak either under dash or hood Check for bad vacuum motor under dash Defrost is the default setting for this vehicle

Why does your gmc sonoma blow only a little air out and the defrost only blows out the front vents?

why dont bottom vent doors not open on 2001 gmcsonoma

Water coming in 2000 Dodge Neon front floor?

Heater Core is the likely culprit

How do I fix 1999 Dodge Caravan Rear AC blows hot while front AC blows cold?

You will need to replace the rear expansion block valve and the recharge the system with freon and oil..............

What black plastic part is located on floor of driver's side under carpet?

Air vent. It blows under front seat and into back.

When i turn on the defrost no air seems to go the windshield?

no heat to front window went defrost is on

I have a 1986 GMC half ton and my defrost doesn't work very good it pushes most of the air through the dash front vents and not defrost but it still blows good hot air?

sounds like the vent door that changes the air from defrost to heater is jamed its a little metel door like a flap.follow the cable from defroster switch and you should be at the door,its a manual door

What is wrong when you cut the ac switch on and it only blows on the floor and the defrost but no air is circulating through the front vents no matter what setting you turn the switch to.00' cavalier?

Check for vacuum leak either under hood or under dash Check for bad vacuum actuator under dash Check for bad selector switch in dash

Why would you get heat out of your defrosters but not your front vents or the floor on a 98 wrangler. fuses are good and I replaced the control pannel?

Your blend door is giving you trouble, it is not switching from defrost to heat or vent

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