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Q: Why does my amp shut offwhen i turn the volume to loud?
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Why would a car radio shut off when you turn the volume up loud?

Possibly dirt, or dust in volume control.

Why is your xbox 360 loud?

turn down the volume on tv

How do you reduce loud music?

Find the dial marked "volume" and turn it counterclockwise.

When the power saving 0ption called what is selected your work is saved on disk and the computeris turn offwhen the computer is turn on your desktop is restore to its previous state?


What is the volume like on Jupiter?

Its pretty loud. Might wanna turn it down abit

How do you turn off the music club penguin?

shut your computer volume off

What volume is best to have your iPod on?

Whatever volume is comfortable for your ears. However, it is not recommended to ever turn your iPod up to full volume due to ear damage, because if you need to turn your iPod up that much, then your surroundings may be too loud, and the loud music you might be listening to could damage your ears.

How could you use too in a sentence?

Turn down the volume! It is too loud!

Is there anything that can regulate volume on TV when music gets loud?

The TV has a built in Automatic Volume Control (AVC) circuit to regulate volume, but it is really intended to prevent sudden changes in volume as you switch stations. The best thing is just to turn down the volume yourself if it is too loud.

Do earbud headphones damage your hearing?

If you turn the volume up too loud, they will damage your hearing over time.

How do you get your 60gb ipod to play out loud?

If its the newest version of ipod touch just remove the headphones and turn up the volume.

Car is making a loud clicking noise after has been turn off and only will shut off if you unplug the battery and will resume again if you connect battery?

Put Key in ignition and turn it a bit.

Is using a single earbud safe?

Using a single earbud is perfectly safe at a reasonable volume level. Do not turn the volume up too loud or else you will risk irreversible damage to your ear.

What are the lyrics to 'i like it loud' by Cassie Davis?

i like it loud..... i wanna scream at the top of lungs i wanna shout..... turn it up turn it up turn it up... loud.........

Can you turn off swearing in halo?

Can you tell a marine to shut up when he's getting mauled by a giant alien creature? NO. Turn your volume down ;)

What would happen if you hit the kill switch on a motorcycle while riding?

It would shut it off. But if you turn it back on the bike will start again and you might get a loud back fire.

Every time you turn on your phase linear uv8 the volume automaticly goes to 30 its loud what do you do?

i have the same issue with my uv8 it started after i bypass the code 543210...

How can the ipod touch play out loud?

To play something out loud (like a song), you must have the iPod Touch 2nd generation or later. The 1st generation does not built-in speakers. Just take out the earphones and turn up the volume and play the sound.

How do you turn the keypad sounds off on a samsung g600?

make sure that your phone isn't on silent, then, just press the down volume button on the side of the phone and on the screen 'key volume' should appear, and you can edit how loud you want it.

How do you make music loud?

Amplify your music with an electronic amplifier. or just turn up your volume. or hook the music to some MEGA speakers and BLAST those puppies!!!

What should you do so that sound will come out of the amp and what should the volume be on the amp and guitar?

You need to plug the Amps power cord into the wall (or multi-box) and you will need to flick the power switch. The guitar lead will need to be plugged into the input (little round hole in front of guitar amp), and into the guitar. As to the volume, it is up to personal preference. If you want it loud, turn it up loud. I like to set my guitar volume to 8 or 9. and then change the amp volume until it is the right volume.

How do you turn up the volume on iPad speaker?

Press the rocker switch on the right side. If the volume graph is already at full, that's as loud as its going to get. Note that content like YouTube videos may play very softly if the video was uploaded with a low audio volume.

How do you turn the ringing volume up on a blackberry pearl 8100?

You go to profiles, the one with the speaker, then scroll all the way down. Find advanced, click on it, then choose which kind of profile you want to advance. Then you click which type of tone you want, then you find volume and turn it up however loud you want it.

Can you get a metal tone on an amp with only drive gain and tone settings?

you can as long as you have distortion and you make a lot of harmonics, and chords Turn up the volume on your guitar, turn up the gain on the amp and then adjust the volume on the amp to how loud you want. Adjust the tone to what you want probably high treble.

Why are some solos in Guitar hero world tour sometimes silent and sometimes loud and how can I make them sound louder?

turn the tv off mute EDIT: That's not what i ment, i ment that sometimes, even when i don't change the volume of the TV, the solos sound loud or still.