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Q: Why does my asparagus shrivel up when I pickle it?
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What is the healthiest out of a Pickle and a Asparagus?

Asparagus, because pickle contains salt which is not good for health.

Is it safe for a human to take a vinegar bath?

Yes it is just make sure your pickle doesn't shrivel up.

How do pickles get bumpy?

well the vinegar they put in the pickle makes the pickle shrivel and it stars to get a little lumpy.

Will frost hurt asparagus?

Yes, It will shrivel and turn black, and become unsafe to eat

What could cause a cell to shrivel up?

Hypotonic solutions can cause cells to shrivel up.

Where to buy popsicle stick bridge?

my little pickle had a pickle that named his pickle pickle. pickle walked for a long pickle and then pickled. pickle was pickled, so he pickled. then he woke up and realized he was a dookie and not a pickle.

Why is your asparagus really skinny this year?

Generally, asparagus that puts up skinny stalks is immature. It takes 3 yrs for an asparagus root to put up decent sized stalks. If the asparagus is older, it probably needs some fertilizer to boost it. I recommend the organic asparagus food sold by

What will cause a cell to shrivel up?

It will shrivel when the concentration of a solute is higher on the outside because water will leave the cell to try and balance out the concentration.

If you scatter salt on a potted plant the plant may shrivel up and sie why?

dont you know if we scatter salt on a potted plant the plant will shrivel up and die because it will become a concentrated solution ....................... ............... ....... ... . . .

What happens to leaves when heated?

they shrink and shrivel up

What happens when plants get no water?

they shrivel up and die

What happens to elodea cells in saltwater?

they shrivel up

What has dill decided to be when he grows up?

He has decided to be a pickle. a big fat pickle.

What can be planted with asparagus?

Asparagus needs it own separate area, so you can not plant anything else with it. Asparagus beds will last up to twenty years.

Why do your testicles only sometimes shrivel up when you get an erection?

Your testicles either "shrivel up" or hang low depending on the temperature of your body. With more heat they sink down, with less heat they constrict.

How many carbs in asparagus?

1/2 a cup of cut up asparagus is 1 carb.

Why do you shrivel when you get wet?

you shrivel because the water you were in is probably not a saline solution... basically there is salt in your body and if you are in the water for a long time, your skin will shrivel to make up the difference between how much salt is in your cells and how much is in the water

Why the earth near from the sun?

so it does't shrivel up.

What happens if you click your fingers too much?

they shrivel up.

What do you do with asparagus?

Asparagus is really good if you saute it in a frying pan. (Look up recipes.) It is to be eaten with the fingers.

Why would the fruit of a kumquat shrivel up on the tree?

Diseases and pest cause kumquats to shrivel up on the tree. Poor irrigation around the plants is another factor that makes the produce descend into a mummified state.

Why is pickle pickle?

a pickle is a pickle because pickle is pickle

What is a small cucumber that has been preserved in vinegar called?

It is called a pickle.

What herbs can make your uterus shrivel up and your period stop?

. ambot ?

What will happen if you pour salt on a slug?

well.......they will shrivel up and die