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Why does my car blow out hot air when my AC switch is on?

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These cars have a self-diagnosing climate control system--unfortunatly I don't remember the codes or sequence to operate this feature. Try public library for same. In most cases this is caused by a "Blend Door" problem

2007-04-20 01:02:35
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Q: Why does my car blow out hot air when my AC switch is on?
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Why does your car blow hot air all the time?

it is drawing the hot air off the engine.

What if your car ac blowing hot air after you changed the battery why?

your car ac will only blow hot air when there coolannt in the car is finished or the car is oveerheated.

Why does car blow hot and cold air when in ac mode?

If it's cold outside do you want cold air blasting when you get in your car?

Are laptops meant to blow out hot air or cold air on your fan?

Hot air because it is blow out the hot air from the inside of the laptop.

Why my car air conditioner doesn't blow hot air it has cold air only?

You are low on coolant to the heater core.

Kia Sedona HTR RR switch do?

The HTR RR switch in a Kia Sedona determines which air vents the air is blown through from the rear heating. When it is pushed in, the lower vents blow hot air, and when it is not pushed, the roof vents blow cold air.

Why does the Air conditioning in your 2000 Buick Lesabre Custom blow hot on the driver's side and cold on the passenger's side?

the car has split controls and if your on cold the one blowing hot is the bad one needs a new hot cold switch

Why is your car air conditioning blow hot air?

because you need to keep warm when it is winter and other times when it it cold

Why would your car air conditioner blow cold air then hot air?

A.C. circulates air(just like a fan) and turns it cool.

Why does your car air condition blow hot air when idle?

Your car can only create cold air if the engine is running to make the coolant work correctly. If your car is idle, your engine is still hot but your engine isn't running so the air you are receiving is actually air heated by the engine.

What are possible causes for car ac to blow hot air with the pump engaged?

The chemical in the air conditioning unit needs replaced.

Why does a car blow hot air when stopped but cold when moving?

because when you stop the motor is hot from driving but when you drive it is cool because you are moving.

Can you set the temperature of air conditioning in a car to blow out hot air?

Yes you can, just adjust the temperature settings all the way to the hot position and leave the a/c in the on mode..........

Why does a 1993 Lincoln town car air conditioner cool perfectly for a while and then momentarily blow hot air?

check cooling fan

Would a water pump on a 2002 dodge stratus cause your car to not blow out hot air?

Yes it could.

Why does your 1995 Ford Escort GT air conditioner blow hot air?

First check to see if there is freon in the system and if yes then check the pressure switch and pigtail........

Why does Lincoln LS blow hot air on passenger side?

Why does my Lincoln LS V8 Blow cold air on one side and hot air on the other side

What causes a heater to blow hot air as soon as you turn it on but then to blow cold air?

If the car is setting in the sun.Heat builds up in the ducts. With my car, it was Heater matrix clogged with radiator sealant. The workshop cleaned it and it's start working fine!

Why would a thermostat run hot and the car heater blow cold air?

Insufficient amount of coolant or thermostat not opening

Why does a 1991 town car will neither blow hot or cold air but the blowers work what could this be?

The compresor is completely frozen.

Why would a car ac blow only hot air?

Compresser is out of freon. Needs a re charge. Or compressor blown

Why will the Car heater for a 2002 mercury gm ls not blow hot air only cold?

Check for low coolant

Why does the heater on my Chevrolet 2500 hd duramax not blow hot air.?

The engine needs to be hot in order for you to get got air. On a cold morning, even if you let your truck run for a while, will not get hot enough to blow hot air usually until you drive it for a little bit. When it gets at or near operating temperature there is no reason that it shouldn't blow hot air.

Why does your car blow cold air instead of hot air when used?

Could be a stuck open thermostat or low on coolant or the temperature blend door is faulty.

Why does the air conditioner blow hot air?

It's out of freon or refrigerant.