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Why does my car exhaust smoke a lot?


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If there's a lot of white smoke you,ve blown a head gasket.

Answerbecause its a Ford Answerbecause its a ford

can't say if you keep your car details a secret


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smoke poured out of the exhaust of the car.

Car smoke or exhaust contains many toxic chemicals that are harmful to health and the ozone layer. The major chemical in car exhaust is carbon monoxide.

Because it releases the carbon and buildup in your motor. That has to go somewhere. The exhaust. That smoke is just a lot of carbon buildup from your motor.

from smoke from car, train exhaust, smoke from refuse burning

Depends on the color of the smoke. Blue smoke-oil. Black smoke-unburnt fuel.

The exhaust was damaged in the car accident. He found a hole in the exhaust. With the new exhaust fitted, the car sounded a lot quieter.

if the smoke color is blue, then you are burning oil. look for an oil leak near or on the exhaust system.

In cold weather you may get some smoke in all cars on starting. If you put too much oil, it will smoke a lot and if your engine is old and consuming a lot of oil with smoke it means you need to recondition the engine or replace it

possible blown head gasket. I don't get white smoke from my exhaust! is it from yours? If it is just after you start your car it is normal.

White smoke from the exhaust indicates that your car is burning water in the combustion chamber. This is an indication of a bad head gasket.

of course it emits "smoke" you mean exhaust? it has to go somewhere, if it's a propeller plane it has an exhaust just like car, if it's a turbine, it has an exhaust outlet, if it's a jet engine, the exhaust is self explanatory

Black smoke coming out of the exhaust of a car is usually due to oil being burned in the engine's cylinders. This can be caused by a worn piston ring or rings.

It sounds like you have a blown head gasket, oil is in the cylinders and is burning as you turn it over.

You car has an exhaust system attached to the engine. The exhaust can get to upwards of 300o and then because of that, water that touches that hot metal turns into steam resulting in the "smoke" you are referring to. This also applies to the engine when wet.

Burning of oil in cars can contribute to blue smoke from exhaust. However, it is also possible for a car to make blue smoke if a turbocharger is broken or experiencing an oil leak.

Car maintenance is very important for a smooth ride. When there is white smoke coming out of the exhaust, it is usually an indication of water in the engine.

White smoke out of the exhaust means that there is coolant getting into the combustion chamber. Usually due to a bad head gasket.

Exhaust should be colorless and odorless.

Yes. A car can run without an exhaust manifold. It will burn out the exhaust valves in the cylinders a lot faster than normal, but it can be done.

because its a terrible car mad , if the smoke is black the car wants to die , take it out of its miysery

blue smoke comes out the tail pipe when your engine is burning oil caused by a worn engine.

what is the worst for your health breathing in tobacco smoke or exhaust fumes

Yes, this is simply showing your car is working, however, what SHOULD'NT come out of your exhaust pipe is red flames. If that is what's coming out, I'd check with mechanic. In general, Blue smoke, engine oil. Black smoke, excess fuel. White smoke, engine coolant.

If you nicked the oil pan it could cause it to smoke from engine area. Is the smoke coming from the exhaust or engine bay? If exhaust, then I highly doubt it was caused by the curb incident.

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