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You've more than likely overheated the engine and cause a head to crack, or you've blown a head gasket and it's going out the tailpipe. Is there steam coming out of the tailpipe?

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Q: Why does my car uses a lot of water when i cant se any leak?
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1997 dodge avenger with water leak on front of motor cant tell where its coming from any ideas?

If your talking about front of the motor (passenger side) its most likely the water pump seal. Hope this helps.

Is there any quick fix for a water pump seal leak?


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Antifreeze leak in 99 Jeep?

Antifreeze leak in a 1999 Jeep may be as a result of a defective water pump or a cracked engine block.Antifreeze leak in your 1999 Jeep could be as a result of a radiator fluid leak, a cracked engine block, a defective water pump, or any other reason.

Where would a leaking gasket be located in a 2014 Plymouth neon?

Could be any number of places. We need more info like what type of leak such as a coolant leak, engine oil leak, exhaust leak, transmission oil leak, brake fluid leak, vacuum leak, rain water leak getting into cabin, etc.

Where comes from a water deposit around the 2003 Toyota Yaris or Echo spark plugs?

The water could be coming from a coolant leak higher than the plugs on the engine. Look around the head for signs of any leak as it is possible that there is a head gasket leak.

1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager Water leak dripping from between the crankshaft and back of motor Looked everywhere you can see but could find leak Any ideas where it is coming from If so how can you?

Wash the motor clean to better see the leak area. Check the water pump especially. There is a weep hole at the bottom and a leak can cause the belts to sling water everywhere.

Your 1999 Tacoma V-6 uses coolant but does not over heat run hot or leak Please advise?

I've seen a lot of water pumps leak on these trucks. Toyota's Long Life Coolant will crust over and harden when it leaks slowly, therefore you won't see any drips in your driveway. Check for crusted coolant between the water pump and the engine block by the thermostat housing. That is where they usually leak although I have seen water pumps leaking that aren't apparent until the timing cover is removed.

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How do you diagnose water leak problems in cars?

In order to properly diagnose a water leak issue, it is necessary for the cooling sytem to be pressurized. Your mechanic should have a special tool that he connects to your radiator that will pump the cooling system with air. This increased pressure will force the coolant out of any leak the system may have.

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How do you diagnose a vacuum leak on a 1992 Mazda Protege?

Spray soapy water on all small black rubber hoses on engine when running. If any place along any hose causes soapy water to "blow bubbles" the leak will be there. Old trick that may or may not work.