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Why does my computer freeze when going to certain websites?


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It is probably because those websites are too big for your internet connection to open, so the Internet would take a long time to load them. Thus if you try and click it a lot of times or it takes too long to load, then this can cause the website to not respond. Then your computer freezes as the website does. Perhaps because your computer has too many programs open as well. Try closing most of the other programs and websites, then try reloading the site.

If the above advice fails, then your browser could be corrupt, and/or you could have malware installed. The first thing you can try is go to Add/Remove programs and remove any unfamiliar software that didn't come with the computer, particularly if it is recent. Uninstall any toolbars, unfamiliar games, plugins, shopping helpers, web helpers, etc. Then check your browser settings for toolbars, plugins, or other add-ons and remove any that are unfamiliar or suspicious. After that, run anti-spyware and anti-malware programs. Then if that doesn't fix things, then try reinstalling the browser. If the problem is in IE, then get the IE installer from Microsoft or try one of the IE repair programs.

If you still have problems, then you may need to remove and reinstall web support programs such as JAVA, Shockwave, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, etc. If the sites involved are multimedia sites, then you might need to install or reinstall a codec pack. Good codec packs will scan for multimedia errors, possibly re-register any corrupt or missing multimedia registry keys, and check for incompatible multimedia files, all as a part of installing.

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