Car Stalling Problems

Why does my engine start and idle fine when cold and once warm it dies or when I accelerate it bogs down then dies?



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Sounds like the engine is getting too much fuel. That may sound odd, but that is what happens during cold or first start. For example the old carburetor choke. The butter fly restricts air intake, which forces a richer fuel mixture. Fuel injection is computer controlled, so the computer allows more fuel to be injected. Is your car smoking black or dark gray? Is their a strong smell of gas after it stalls? Assuming your vehicle is carbureted. If so more than likely it is getting more fuel than is needed. If it is cdarburete the air fuel screws at the bottom of the carburetor need to be adjusted ( clock wise or turned to the right if I remember correctly) This should decrease the amount of fuel entering the jets. Your probably getting pretty bad mileage!