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why do my braces itch they like killen me omg tell me why i need help.......

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โˆ™ 2011-10-13 21:40:04
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Q: Why does my gum itch after i got my braces?
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Can you chew gum when you only have braces on the top teeth?

Whether or not you can chew gum is not related to the type of braces you have; it is because gum can get stuck in your braces. But, you are allowed to chew sugarless gum with braces.

What kind of gum are you allowed to eat with braces?

NO! gum will get caught in braces and will take them off and gum with sugar will let the sugar go through braces and then cause cavities

What gum can you eat with braces?

Any type of gum as long as it ruins ur braces

What kind of gum can you chew with braces?

I have braces myself, and im not suppose to chew gum. The only gum that you can chew that doesnt stick is the mentos gum, Trident and Stride.

When you have braces are you not allowed to chew gum?

can you chew gum when you have braces? most dentist will say only sugar free gum,but i have chewed plenty of gum with my braces that have not been sugar free the only gum you really need to stay away from is the really sugary sticky gum like:huba bubba and gum like that, the type of gum that i have chewed with my braces that has been the easiest was 5 gum and orbit.i hope you are satisfied with my answer.

When you have braces can you eat gum?

It's recommended not to, because it can get stuck in your braces, and very hard to get that sticky mess out of them. If you want to chew gum with braces, try to be careful with it.

What gum shields are suitable for braces?

When I had braces I got my orthodontist to mould me one. If they do one for you they normally modify it so that your teeth can move over time and it still fits.

Does sugar free gum stick to braces?

Sugar free gum is just as sticky as regular gum. The only reason it is better to chew sugar free gum while you have braces is because it is better for your teeth, especially since it is harder to brush with braces on.

Can you chew gum when you have braces?

You should not chew gum when you are wearing braces because it may get stuck on your braces and you could ruin something worth at lot of money.

Can you eat gum with braces?


Why should not you eat gum with braces?

you shouldn't because it can get stuck to your braces

Is it ok to chew gum with braces?

Really chewing gum wont do any major harm to your braces, it will bend a wire or loosen a bracket or band if you aren't careful. The real reason why you should chew gum is because it "sets" your teeth into position. Meaning your basically stopping what the braces are trying do do, braces move your teeth but chewing gum stops them. Counter productive, but not really hazardous...

Can yo uhave gum with braces?

Yes, but only sugar free gum :)

How do you stick fake braces on your teeth?


What kind of candy can you eat with braces?

Any thats not too hard or chewy! If you chew gum make sure it's sugar free (you dont want to get gum stuck on your braces!).

What do they give you when you get braces?

I got my braces 8 weeks ago, and they gave a cleaning kit with - floss, toothbrush, mouth wash, wax (cuz the braces rub you inner lips and gum sometimes) A Christmas tree cleaner ( a little brush shaped as a tree to clean in between the wires) and a travel toothbrush. :)

Braces can i eat popcorn if i got my braces 2 days ago?

I think you should ask the dentist.Plus here is the answer: Popcorn – It may not seem like it, but Popcorn is the single worst thing you can eat with braces. ... However, with braces in place, kernels can get stuck for extended periods of time, leading to extremely painful swelling of gum tissue, requiring removal of braces and wires to clean out the area. I had braces yesterday and they said that.

Can you chew gum with braces and Why not if no?

yes but it has to be sugar free.

How do you reduce your gum size with braces on?

Brush your gums!

Can you have sugar free gum with braces?

yes ! you can indeed

Can people chew gum with braces?

NO its not i have braces and i chews gum with them once and 2 brackets broke. since its so sticky it gets stuck to the bracket a lil bit and it losens it. If u have braces and want to chew gum then just eat tic tacs or five hour mints or icebrakers tic taks come in awesome flavors to

Does Sasha Obama get braces?

No, it was Malia who got braces; according to her mom, she got them in 2010.

Who got braces first cara or mady?

Madelyn got them first. Cara does not have braces

Can you chew gum with braces?

Yes you can chew gum with braces. I am the mother of 2 children with braces and a second won't go by where they don't have gum in their mouth;they chew gum 24/7. Just make sure that it's sugar free, because then it will affect the braces, and also put cavities under the brackets. All dentists use the same kind of wire and brackets, so just if you chew sugar free gum, then brackets won't fall off. If brackets fall off, I wouldn't think its the gum, because it probably isn't caused by gum. It's the way they are biting, so just try to work on that with them. I'm sure of all of this, as I'm an orthodontist. Just make sure that the gum is sugar free and you'll be fine.-Dr.Kathy :)Edited by ratsrock2957Yes you can, and it DOES NOT have to be sugar-freebecause I chew gum that has sugar in it never gets stuck in my braces. I usually chew Big Red or Doublemint and it doesn't get stuck, but I don't think that you can chew gumballs or other really sticky gum. Orthodontists are liars and you can eat almost everything you ate when you didn't have braces on, and orthodontists wouuldn't know because for most of them they have either neever had braces or had them when they were kids so they don not remember, and if they did get it stuck in their braces it was probably because they were chewing some sort of bubblegum or other sticky gum, and the gum and braces are alot newer so it won' get stuck in the braces like the orthodontists remember when they were eating their tootsie rolls back in the early 1900's

Is 5 gum sticker then other?

It is less sticky than most gums. People with braces love this gum!