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i have three dashboard lights on in my vauxhall vectra showing a engine light a spanner and a skid light its also driving slow

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Vectra 2.0 dti 2002 engine management light comes on when idling?

air flow sensor

Why does your vauxhall vectra engine warning light come on?

it usuallt comes on when the engine management system has pick up a fault, to investigate why it has come on you need to get it put on some suitable diagnostic equipment most loca garages have this now.

Engine management light staying on and lack of power?

my engin management light comes on why

Why does the engine management light come on and stay on?

Warning lights come on when there is a problem. An Engine management light comes on when there is a problem within the engine, that may cause problems later.

Your 2000 vectra cuts out at 70mph the engine management light comes on and either get full or no power at this point any ideas?

Camshaft Sensor fault... goes in to limp mode won't rev more than 4,5000 rpm Change sensor but make sur it is a genuine Seimans sensor

Why does your engine warning light come on your 2000 Dodge Ram Van?

Assuming the check engine light? Comes on when the computer (ECM) does it's self test and finds a component out of the specified range. Also detects engine misfires, trany problems on some vehicles as well as a variety of other problems.

Does a peugeot 406 2.0 hdi have a limp home fuction when engine management light comes on?

Yes it has.

What does opel vectra mean in english?

The Opel Vectra is a car that was produced from 1988 to 2009. "Vectra" may be meaningless, having been chosen purely to sound good, as many car names are. However, some have theorized that "Vectra" comes from a form of "vehere", the Latin word for "travel" or "transport".

How do you reset the service engine soon light on an 88 Firebird?

Disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. This should reset it. If it comes back on, you have a problem with the engine management system.

When your engine light comes on in Honda what does it means?

This normally means that the engine management card has identified a reportable issue with the vehicles performance. It will need to be checked by a qualified person

What does the yellow indicator with a picture of an engine mean when it comes on?

Its an engine management light and will need to be plugged into a computer at a engine diagnostic garage as it could be a number of things and only the codes will tell you which part is faulty.

How do i remove Engine management light on a vw beetle?

If your engine management light comes on, there may be a problem with your vehicle. The only way for the light to be removed is by resetting the light. The light needs to be reset by someone with a resetting tool. This is generally your local mechanic.

What does this mode 6 reading mean tid cb cid 00?

Mode 6 is away to find misfires before a check engine light comes on. Useful mostly for Ford vehicles because not all manufacturers fully support this yet.

Engine Management Light only comes on now and then not all the time what does that mean?

My 2003 !.9 diesel Zafira does exactly the same

Why does Engine management light comes on VX commodore?

There are many reasons why the management light will come on, you will have to have the car scanned at a repair shop, the fault code that made the light come on will be stored in the engine control module, and this can be decoded by and any good shop with the correct equipment

The engine maintenance light comes on when the car is driving fine in my Vauxhall Vectra?

The vehicle's computer has sensed a malfunction that may not directly affect the driveability of the car (yet), Have the computer scanned for trouble codes to determine where/what the fault is.

What does the warning HEAT light on dashboard of Mazda eunos?

This is the catalyst heat sensor light. It comes on when the engine is started and it should then go out. If it doesn't, assume the catalyst has failed. If the light comes on while driving it means your catalyst has failed. The catalyst usually fails if the car misfires and sends some unburnt fuel down the exhaust.

What does it mean when your engine management light comes on?

There is somthing wrong ad u need to go to auto zone andhave them chek it for u it is fre

What is the spanner with 1000 through it on Vectra?

Its just a reminder that the car is due a service. The light comes on after every 10, 15k.

1999 ls Lexus check engine light comes on?

why do check engine light comes on

What is wrong with the Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 when the alternator light comes on the dash board?

the light comes on when the alternator is bad or your regulator has gone bad. some regulators are built into the computer.

When Exhaust brake is on squeak noise comes from the engine?

When Exhaust brake is on squeak noise comes from the engine?"

What does it men if the engine management light comes on 1996 corsa?

Could mean a lot of things. Take your car to AutoZone and they will scan the computer in it for free and tell you whats wrong.

When I start my 2002 ford Taurus sometimes I think it gets too much gas and sounds like misfires and code says misfires on first 1000 revolutions if I let it warm up for a bit doesn't seem to be as?

Seems when I start 2002 ford Taurus sometimes it seems like getting to much gas at the start..sounds like it floods and check engine light comes on with misfire at first 1000 revolution. What could be wrong?

How do you remove the indicator bulb on a new Vectra?

Just turn it anti clockwise and the whole thing comes out. Its really easy there isn't any silly little clips or wires it just comes out.