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Q: Why does my skin turn green when I sit on potatoes?
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Why do your boiled potatoes turn gray?

I think is has to do with oxidation. Try putting your potatoes in water as soon as you cut them so they do sit in the air. They will not turn gray then.

What will happen to a penny if you let it sit in vinegar?

It will turn green.

Why are mangoes green?

Let me tell you my honest opinion. My honest opinion is that a mango turns green because it is getting softer or maybe sometimes if you let it sit there the mango will honestly turn green and maybe get some black spots. Thats why you never let any type of fruit sit there because it will end going to waste.

If copper turns green from oxygen gas why don't pennies turn green?

You can also turn pennies and some other coins green by letting them sit overnight in a paper towel soaked in vinegar. and if you want to clan pennies to shine, put them in a cup of vinegar and salt dissolved. (I once tried cleaning them with a pinch of kosher salt instead and it dug a hole through the penny! -NOT RECOMENDED!!!)

What does' to sit at the table' means?

it means to sit at a silly green monsterous table u rabbit!

Can boiled potatoes sit out?

NO cause it will get mold on it and stink the house up and someone can get sick if you leave it out and they eat it.

What is ex foliating?

Exfoliating is getting rid of dead skin cells that sit on and in the first layer of your skin

How do you poop in urinalys?

You turn around, sit, and do your business .

How much are tickets to sit in the green monster at fenway park?

it was called the green monster in 1947

How do you drive a snowmobile?

You sit on it, and you press the gas. Then you turn the stearing bar and the snowmobile will turn.

When waiting to make a left turn what should you do?

sit there with your signal light on and wait til it's your turn to turn

Are all skin types affected by the sun?

no it depends how long you sit in the sun or what type of oil texture you have on your skin determings weather or not the sun will effect it but mostlikey it probly will if you sit straight in the sun

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