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It sounds like you need a new ballcock valve or either your fill tube has come

off your flush valve. Just take tank lid off and check to see if water is going

down the tube in middle of tank.

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How did the flush toilet work in the renaissance time?

It worked on a pulley that opened a hatch that let the "excretment" leave the bowl of the toilet and into a water lane.

How does toilet flush work?

The bowl is attached with a U-bend pipe that leads with a sewer system. By flush the waste water leave the bowl. then the air coming in to the bowl stops the siphoning process, then The bowl is refilled with water from the tank above.

Urine stains in toilet bowl?

If there are urine stains in your toilet bowl, pour a generous amount of bleach into the toilet bowl and under the rim, then leave overnight. The next morning, flush the toilet and pour more bleach into the bowl and scrub with a toilet brush.

HOW do you fix a toilet that sprays water out of the bowl when flushed?

turn the pressure down at the toilet flush valve

How much water stays in the toilet bowl?

All of it if you don't flush or if it doesn't leak.

How do you Remove iron stain from toilet bowl?

Turn off the water to the toilet and flush so that no water is in the bowl. Add CLR (available at most stores) and let it sit for the rec commended time. Brush to clean. Turn the water back on and flush.

How do you increase the water level in the toilet bowl?

well, you flush the toilet bowl... but if your reeally aasking, you add water that is in a bucket!! Because of the 'U' bend without some form of blockage the water level in the bowl remains the same

Why is there already water in toilet bowls?

Under what circumstance? New toilet, when you turn the water on, water goes down the overflow tube to fill the bowl. You don't have to flush it the first time to fill the bowl.

Why would my toilet bowl empty out?

A toilet that slowly looses all of the water out of the tank or bowl when it has not been used for a log time is experiencing a condition that renders the toilet almost unusable. When you flush a toilet, the water in both the tank and the bowl empty out, only to be immediately replenished with fresh water. alliedallcityinc.com

Is it ok if all the water in the toilet tank does not empty into the bowl after a flush?

Certainly, as long as, all the solids are removed during the flush.

How many liters of water will go out the drain if you flush the toilet bowl?

Different brands and models of toilets use different amounts of water per flush.

When you flush your toilet the water rises in the bowl and the stuff doesn't flush away What is wrong?

The main drain is plugged. You may need to remove the toilet and snake directly down the drain.

When you flush your toilet it doesnt flush around all the way?

Holes under toilet bowl rim need cleaned out.

How can you track toilet water to discharge?

Flush a ping pong ball or some vegetable dye in the bowl

How do you flush a toilet with bowel?

Not sure what you are asking. All toilets have a bowl. You generally push the handle down on the front or side of the tank. If you are asking how to flush with a bowl of water, it takes a bucket of at least 2 gallon. Just pour it into the bowl about as fast as it will take it. At some point, there will be enough water in the bowl to flush it.

How is a toilet sanitary?

A toilet maintains its sanitary condition by means of a water seal- -the clean water at the bottom of the bowl keeps odors away and bacteria at an acceptable level. The water stays in the bowl because a toilet has a trap like all other fixtures. The trap is visible on some toilets and the link below shows the basic design of the toilet. When water is released into the bowl (when the flush handle is activated) the water and all material in the bowl "overflow" out of the trap and create a siphon. The siphon pulls all of the water out of the bowl and then is broken when it sucks air (that gurgling sound after you flush.) Current law mandates the following conditions.1- Toilet must be made of smooth impervious material.2- Toilet must have acid resistant finish.3- Toilet must flush with 1.6 Gallons per flush or less.4- Toilet must have a non mechanical seal5- Toilet must evacuate at least 95% of the water (objectionable material) every flushhttp://www.homerepairforum.com/images/uploads/2005-9-10_Toilet_Bowl_FLUSH_STEP_1_w550.JPG

What's wrong with the toilet when there is no water coming from the sides of the bowl when you flush?

Presuming there is water in the tank...the chain from the handle to the flapper is disconnected.

Make sentence with phrase 'to make us for'?

to flush the toilet bowl use the water on red tab.

How do you increase suction in older toilet?

Toilets do not function on suction, they flush by using gravity to empty the water from the tank into the bowl, thereby causing the S-trap built into the toilet bowl to siphon. The only way to improve the flush is to cause it to flush with more water (which sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't), or buy a siphon-jet or other power assisted toilet. An older toilet may be to plugged up with mineral deposits to improve the flush much, the amount of deposit depends on what's in your water, how often you clean the toilet, and other factors beyond your control.

Why does Air come from the siphon when i flush the toilet?

Because the passageways in the toilet that carry the water from the tank to the bowl are, umm, 'full of air' (for lack of a better term). The water rushes from the tank into the bowl to flush, but all the air is in the way, so you see some come out of the siphon. That's as simple as I can make it.

Why doesn't the toilet bowl fill after flush?

Refill tube not connected /working.Float valve stuck or water turned off

How do you use the toilet bowl?

A toilet bowl was made for people to go to the bathroom inside their house. To use a toilet bowl, you have to first sit on it and go to the bathroom. When you are done, you push the handle down to flush it.

Which way does the toilet flush in Australia?

it is the same as anywhere else in the world..random based on the bowl design and water jet aim.

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