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This happens in several cases,among them one of the reason is due the same I.P address of the more than one computer over the same network .It also may happen that the two computer is connected in LAN through a hub,so the IP Address may conflict.

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Assigning Simple Networked Computer IP Address?

my computer isn't assigning an ip address and my modem is online hoe do i connect to the internet..

When do you get an IP address assigned?

When you connect to the network is normally the time that an Internet Protocol address is created or assigned to your computer

What is a device used to connect a computer to the internet?

A device used to connect a computer to the internet is a modem.

When does a computer must have an IP address?

When it does must have learned English When you need to access a second computer, device or connect to the internet.

How do you connect a PC to internet?

you can connect an Internet to a computer using broadband

What are 6 elements needed to connect to the Internet?

There are actually many elements to connect to the internet but i will name 6 of them. Network adaptor, internet browser, Modem, Ip address, ISP (Internet Serves Provider), and somthing to connect with like a computer, Ipod, Blackberry, iphone, ect...and you need a desk and a computer and be smart

How do you connect to the internet with a handheld computer?

You can connect to the computer with a handheld computer by simply buying a wireless broadband connection and connecting it to the Internet.

What is IMAC address?

It is the IP address you use to connect to the internet. Every computer connected to the internet has an IP address no matter if it is a Windows or Mac computer. To find your IP or iMac address open System Preferences and click on the Network icon. Look on the left and find your Internet connection. Click that and your IP address will appear.

Why did your Internet provider request the physical address numbers of your computer?

You don't need to provide any physical address or data about your computer to have and internet connection. The Computer Numeric address or configuration ID should not be asked. The internet provider may have asked so that you cannot use the internet on any other system and it will need configuration to connect from other PC.

What are the steps to connect internet to the computer?

To connect internet to your computer you will need to go to the "Find nearby connections" area in your device. After this find the specified device you wish to connect to and connect.

What enables your computer to connect to another computer?

The internet does.

Which PlayStation cannot connect with computer?

The PlayStation 1 cannot connect to the Internet/Computer.

What do you need to enable you to connect to the Internet?

a computer , an internet cable.

Should you connenct your xbox to computer in order to connect it to the internet?

A computer is not needed to connect to the internet for Xbox. It is required to have a wireless adaptor that will allow the xbox to access the internet

The process of how you connect to the Internet from your computer?

Computer-Router-Internet with a phone Internet like Talk-It, it's Computer and Phone-DNS-Router-Internet

What best describes DNS?

DNS servers are used to map a name to an IP address.A Dynamic Names Server is the computer you connect to when you electronically enter the internet that replies with a series of numbers on what your internet address is.

How do you connect a DS to the Internet?

You connect it to the computer using a modem, wirelessly.

How do you connect with the Internet?

in order to connect to the internet you will plug the modem your internet provider provided you into the Ethernet port of the computer which will then allow you to access the internet

Why do you need a computer to connect to the internet?

you don't u can connect to the internet via lots of different ways

I need to find my password to connect my computer to the internet?

I need to find my password to connect my router to the internet? Where can I get it?

Can the Nintendo DSi connect to a computer?

If by "computer" you mean "internet," then yes. Otherwise, the DSi has no way to connect to an actual computer.

What is necessary if you need to connect to the internet?

A Computer.

What are the things needed to connect to the Internet?

To connect to the internet you simply need a modem, an ethernet cable, and a high speed internet connection. the connection can be set up by your cable company, phone company, or a private Internet provider. Of course a computer is needed to view the internet but to connect you simply need the three things above. To connect to the internet you need an ip address, a subnet mask and a default gateway.

What cable do you need to connect a ps3 to a computer so that you can surf internet and play online?

You need to connect the PS3 to the internet. How does the computer connect to the internet. That's the location for the PS3 to connect also. You may need to purchase a router along with an ethernet cable.

What does it mean when a computer has an APIPA address on its network interface?

APIPA stands for Automatic Private IP Address Generally it will be in the range up to (subnet of This is the IP address a computer gets when it is set up pick up an IP address automatically and there is no DHCP server... or the computer can't see a router. The computer will be able to connect to any other computer on the network with an IP in the same range, but will NOT be able to connect to the internet.