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Why does one direction know the baby lux?


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Baby Lux is one of their stylists babies

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Baby Lux is Lou Teasdales daughter, Who is One Direction stylist.

Baby Lux is the boy hair and make up artists, Lou Teasdale, daughter. Baby Lux isn't related to any of the boys in One Direction.

Baby Lux is the boy's Hair/stylist's daughter

baby lux is their stylists (lou teasdale) adorable baby daughter

No, well if you're talking about the baby One Direction are sometimes with that's Baby Lux. :)

Baby Lux is Lou's daughter . Lou is One Direction's stylist .

baby lux is the boy hair and make up artists daughter she isnt related to any of the boys

Baby Lux is One Direction's stylist's new baby daughter

Lux is the daughter of Lou Teasdale, One Direction's hair-dresser and make-up artist.

One Direction's stylist her name is Lou Teasdale and her baby's name is Lux. So to answer your qusetion One Direction is not technically "related" to anyone IN One Direction, but somebody associated to One Direction. The boys, and the fans all love her! :)

Baby Lux is daughter of a friend of Harry Styles and 1D are kind of godparents of her.

Because the baby was baby Lux (daughter of one direction hair stylist )and she was dating Harryand Harry loves Lux like his daughter

baby lux is one direction's make-up artist Lou tisdale's baby

Baby Lux is One Direction's make-up artist's baby, whom the boys love and adore.

The child of the make up artist of One Direction

To the One Direction's hair stylist, Lou Teasdale.Baby Lux is the daughter of Lou. :)

No, he doesn't. If you are thinking of baby lux, that is not his baby, it is one of One Direction's make-up artists.

Baby Lux, or sometimes just Lux, is the 1D stylist Lou Teasdale and her husband Tom Atkin's child. Paul is the head of security for 1D.

She is the daughter of One Direction's stylist and makeup artist. Her mother is Lou Teasdale and her father is Tom Atkin and her name is Lux Atkin.

No,it's the daughter of one direction's hair stylist

Lou Teasdale is One Direction's hairstylist, Tom Atkin's (of The Paddingtons) fiancée, and the mother of Lux Atkin, known in the directioner world as 'Baby Lux.'

the song is You Don't Know You're Beautiful, by One Direction

i don't know i hate one direction my friend Adrianna link know everything about one direction ask her

I don't know I've got One Direction infection not Bieber fever.

I hate One Direction, but I do know they are from the UK.

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