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A TV Tuner Card enables your laptop to receive TV signals and watch live TV on your laptop. You can watch recorded and streamed programs without this card.

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Q: Why does one need a TV tuner card for their laptop?
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Where can one find a TV tuner card for a laptop?

TV tuner cards allows television signals to be transmitted to ones laptop. These types of cards can be purchased at Best Buy, Future Shop as well as other computer retailers.

Do Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q898 18.4-Inch Laptop have tv tuner?

This is alittle late, but NO the x505-q898 does not have a TV tuner card. But it does have a empty port for one, and it does have solder points on the motherboard for one. I have one and I did take it apart.

Can you change the video card in a laptop?

It depends on the laptop, if it was a custom one then you can change the video card. You need to check with the computer manufacturer.

Where do you put the SD card in a laptop?

If your laptop has a card reader, there will be 2 slots and it goes in the one that is the correct size. If your laptop doesn't have a card reader, you need to buy an adaptor that fits your card, so you can plug it into the USB port.

When might one need a HDTV tuner?

You would need a HDTV tuner when you don't have cable. You would need a tuner when you can't get a good reception from the antenna and when you don't have cable.

I need a laptop that can play napoleon total war can you recommend one?

you will have to buy a graphics card but any laptop can take it. A graphics card would cost £30 -£40 but it is well worth it.

How do you connect from laptop to LCD TV?

this depends on the laptop...but they have converters for that...if you go to Best Buy or something like that ask for a "TV tuner for your laptop" they should have what you need (but i will say that its going to be expensive...once you find out what it looks like go to ebay or something like that and find one)

Where is the micro sd card port on a laptop?

There isn't, as far as I know. Did your micro sd card not come with a regular sized sd card adaptor? If not, you will need one.

Where does the 2 GB flash card go in the computer?

Desktop or laptop? If desktop you would need a card reader. If a laptop it must be a new one that has a built in card reader if not then u would have to go buy one for around $15-$30 or el cheapo on eBay $5

Where can a laptop wireless card be purchased?

One can buy a wireless card for a laptop at a Hardware shop or at a online retailer sutch as Amazon or ebay. but make sure to check if the wireless card works on the laptop.

Where is the card reader on a laptop?

The card reader may not be found in some of the laptops, but if it is there, it is usually located on the side of the laptop somewhere. If your laptop does not have a card reader, you can buy one from the local technology shop, which connects to the laptop through a USB wire.

Need more information on wireless card for laptop?

A wireless card does not actually increase the speed of the connection on a laptop. The only thing that changes the speed is the actually internet itself. The average wrieless card though is about fifty dollars for a high quality one.

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