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One needs to have a positive attitude because they can focus their energy on being successful, not on failing.

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What could i do to turn my child's negative attitude into a positive one?

To turn a negative attitude into a positive one it is important to lead by example. A child will watch you and if they see you being positive they will also be positive.

What personal qualities do you need to be a student?

A student will need to be honest, enthusiastic and positive attitude.

What skill do you need to do to become a hairdresser?

You need a steady hand and you need to have a positive attitude and teamwork X

What is the you attitude?

I am because I am. The "you" attitude is one of who you perceive yourself to be in the picture of our life. This can be negative, positive and combined. No "you" attitude is the same, all of us have some similarities however there can only be one "You" attitude.

Importance of attitude?

Attitude plays a huge role in dealing with situations. When faced with a challenging situation, one can choose to either have a positive attitude, or a negative attitude.

What attitude should you have towards natural disasters?

A positive one

What positive attitude starts with letter a?

Agreeable is a positive attitude. It begins with the letter a.

What are positive attitudes words that begin with the letter l?

Loving is a positive attitude. Loyal is another positive attitude.

What is the message of the poem attitude by Charles swindoll?

to have a positive outlook on life and to keep a positive attitude.

What is another word for good attitude?

positive attitude

Attitude-maintain a positive attitude?


Can you use aluminum pans to bake ambush bread?

Certainly. All you need is a positive attitude.

I need sentences of 'can be'?

Learning a new language can be challenging.She was grumpy today, but she can be very pleasant when she want to be.With a positive attitude, any day can be a good one.

What is the logical reasoning behind why subtracting a negative integer makes it positive?

When subtracting negative integers, one can relate it to the overall attitude of a room. If a room contains a number of people of positive and negative attitude you can get rid of people (or subtract people) with negative attitudes to make the overall attitude of the room more positive. If you subtract a negative integer it makes it positive.

What do you need to play gymnastics?

A mat, some flexibility, strength, athleticism, determination, patience, and a positive attitude.

Describe a time when your positive attitude has influenced others at work?

Describe a time when your positive attitude has influenced others at work.

How do you write a positive sentence about changing attitude?

Changing your general attitude from negative to positive will bring you happiness and peace of mind.

Does attitude positive or negative affect health?

Absolutely. Research has recently shown that a positive attitude leads to a longer life.

What do you mean by positive attitude?

Your attitude towards anything in life will affect the outcome. If a person has a consistent negative attitude in life, i.e. no hope, no real goal, no purpose, then that person will go exactly in that direction. A positive attitude is one that gives hope and purpose. It's a willing heart and joyful spirit no matter the situation. I learned all about a positive attitude using a program at and it changed the way I view nearly everything in my life. A positive attitude is waking up and saying "Good Morning Lord" instead of "Good Lord it's morning."

Different kinds of attitude?

People can have a negative or a positive attitude towards life. People with positive attitudes others want to be around.

A driver should not strive to develop a positive attitude when driving?

Exactly WRONG. Every driver needs a positive and forgiving attitude

What is a good sentence for the word attitude?

A positive attitude is always a big plus.

Why is a positive attitude important?

this way you are always positive and thinking strait

What is Sojourners Truth's attitude toward the Bible?

Sojourner Truth's attitude toward the Bible was a positive one. She believed that the words inside it came from God directly.

What positive attitude that begin with the letter c in a group?

Not sure what you mean by in a group, but another word for a positive attitude that starts with a c is Chipper. :)

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