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It shuts off then back on by itself??? Its either a faulty power supply to your home (one phase is shutting off somehow), or you have some serious wiring problems that needs looked at. another answer may be a "ripple hookup" from the power company ... these circuits are remotely controlled by the utilty company. the idea is to disconnect "non critical high current" loads via relays at times of peak demand (for example; turn off the electric baseboard heaters and use a propane furnace secondary heat source)... the cost per KWH charged by them is lower during off peak times. usually there is a second off peak meter near the "normal" meter. kind of a long shot but still possible if you are not aware of it.

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How does electricity get to homes?

Electricity get to homes through the utility company's power grid.

What type of electricity is used in homes?

The electricity that is used in homes is AC. AC stands for Alternating Current.

Did they have electricity in the 1930s?

Yes they did. Many homes had electricity in 1934

How does electricity reach your homes?

Electricity reaches our homes by wires held by poles. It then runs underground or straight to our house for use.

What year did home electricity come?

Electricity first started to appear in homes in the 1890s. This was for those in wealthy or well to do homes. By the 1920s most other homes had it as well.

Do Egyptians have electricity in their homes?


When was electricity first used in homes?

in 1920

How many homes have electricity in the world?


How is electricity transferred from windmills to homes?

By a wire.

Are park homes more expensive than regular homes in New Jersey?

Yes, Park homes do tend to be pricier than regular homes in New Jersey. They are homes for the upper scale of people in society. The homes seem to be overly priced, in most cases. But they are nice homes for the most part.

Electricity powered homes and factories How did electricity change Americans' lives?

Electricity powered homes and factories. It changed American lives by extending the number of hours in the day when people could work and play.

What year did electricity reach suburban homes?


What are most UK homes heated by?

gas or electricity.

Where do UK homes get most of their energy from?

Gas or electricity

How many us homes have electricity?

u do haha

Do you use static electricity in your homes or current electricity?

electric current (alternating)

How is electricity transferred to your homes?

Electricity is transferred through a service cable from a tertiary distribution to your home.

Did the ancient Greek homes have electricity?

No, electricity hadn't been invented in those times yet.

Do we use more freshwater in our homes to provide us electricity?

No. Water can be used in a hydroelectric dam to generate electricity, but this does not make us use more or less water in our homes.

When did electricity come into general use?

1930 for most homes

Power plants are a common source of electricity for homes?

(A+) true

In 1910 what percentage of US homes had electricity?

15 percent

How can wind power be used?

as electricity for running thousands of homes

How did Michael Faraday change the world?

he put electricity in our homes

How is electricity used in homes?

blah blah blah :o