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Common problem: Ground gets gummed up in the flasher switch on top of the steering column due to dust and moisture. Spray WD40 or even better NAPA's "Electric Brake and Motor Cleaner" (not oily) into the flasher switch and where the turn signal lever enters the steering column. Work the switches a couple of time. Your brake lights and turn signals will work good as new. Also, hold a paper towell under the steering column in case any cleaner drips out the bottom.

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Q: Why does only your third brake light work but your other two doesn't along with your turn signals on your 1996 Monte Carlo?
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On a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo it is along the frame rail on the drivers side

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the door striker needs adjusted along with possibly the latch mechanism.

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How do you change the ignition switch in a 1985 Monte Carlo?

You're going to have to unbolt the steering column and drop it down. The ignition switch will be on the top of the column along with your high beam switch. Unbolt the switch then unplug it.

1996 Monte Carlo and changed the struts and strut mounts along with new ball joints in the front still have clunking when hitting bumps and when turning the wheels when stopped?

try to tighten all the bolts on the strut mounts and double check

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I've had the same problem with my 2000 Monte Carlo. Only works on highspeed, before the whole thing finally stopped working (along with signals, cruise control, and more, which might be due to an electrical problem). I've replaced the switch in it, which didn't make anything start working, but when we do fully fix the electronics, it might work for me. Try changing the AC Switch. Most junkyards might carry them around the $50 price range. Good luck. I have the same problem. I've been told by a good mechanic that this is usually just a burnt out resistor for the fan controller, which is a relatively simple fix. However, I'm in the process of trying to find the details on exactly where the resistor is located and what resistor I need to replace it. Anybody got any suggestions?

Is the 1996 3.1 eng enterchangable with the 3.4 eng out of a 1995 Monte Carlo both have auto trany?

It should, the plugs for ecm are the same, you will have to take the ecm(located on passenger side fender) along to keep things tight(no check engine light)

Can you fit a 305 in a 2001 Monte Carlo?

No its impossible first off the engine is a little to big, the pcm wouldn't work wit the 305 you would need a whole new pcm and wire harness along with a whole new tranny, and rear differential.

2001 Monte Carlo Occasionally won't start Then will start Now security light is coming on along with check engine light Any ideas?

More than likely it has a bad magnet in the ignition switch you need to replace the switch and then relearn the security system

How do you program a keyless entry remote for 1998 Monte Carlo?

On the inside of the keyless entry remote or sometimes on the back it explains how to do this. I believe you hold the unlock button along with the lock button for 7 seconds near the car. It will explain it on the inside of the keyless entry remote.

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There is oil in my radiator in my 02 Chevrolet Monte Carlo but it doesn't overheat What wrong with it?

Check to see if there is coolant on the engine block. It is common for the Monte Carlos, along with other GM cars equipped with the 3400 V6 engine to experience leaking intake manifold gaskets. A leaking intake manifold will cause oil to leak into the coolant system and even worse, for coolant to leak into the oil system.

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you have to pop off the wooden looking panel on the side of the door so that you can get to the bolt that is securing the arm rest to the actual door then you should be able to take it off as long as you also removed the bolts along the bottom and sides

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The fuel injectors will be located on a metal rail along the intake manifold. It could be a TBI (throttle body injection) The injector\injectors will be at the throttle body intake area. If this car still has a carburetor then it wont have injectors. Hope this helps you.

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