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Why does pepsi fizz when you put sugar in it?

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the sugar crystals provide nucleation sites for bubbles of carbon dioxide. any fine crystalline material or powder would do the same.

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What is the acid that makes coke and pepsi fizz?

What is the acid that makes Coke and Pepsi fizz?

Do coke sprite and pepsi fizz at the same rate?

Pepsi is the one that has the most fizz.

Which has more fizz pepsi or mountain dew?

Pepsi does.

What has more carbon dioxide Pepsi or Coke?

it depends on how much fizz has been put into it

Is coke proven to have more fizz?

no pepsi has more fizz

Why does pepsi fizz more than sprite?

And sprite has fizz

Which soda has the more fizz sprite or pepsi?

sprite and pepsi

Does diet Pepsi fizz more then regular Pepsi?


What kind of soda has more fizz Coke or Pepsi?

the same fizz

Which soda contains the most fizz coca cola or pepsi?


Which soda fizz last longer dr pepper or pepsi?


Which soda has the most fizz Pepsi or Coke?

English Canadians say Coke but French Canadians disagree, preferring the Pepsi fizz.

Can you put sugar in coke?

yes, but it will take the fizz away.

Which pop has more fizz diet Pepsi or regular Pepsi?

Diet pepsi has more fizz then regular pepsi because diet pepsi has more chemicals then regular pepsi does.Diet pepsi has more chemicals because it has more acid then regular pepsi.Diet pepsi also has more carbonation then regular pepsi.

What soft drinks have the most fizz?

the soft drink with the most fizz is pepsi.

How do you use a sentence with the word fizz?

When I drank the Pepsi I felt it fizz in my mouth.

Which has more fizz sprite or pepsi?


Whcih soft drink contains the most fizz?

diet pepsi has the most fizz

Why did regular Pepsi float and the diet float When I put the Pepsi and the diet Pepsi in the container they floated and I want to know the answer to that?

because of the sugar

Which soda brand make the most fizz?


What soda pop fizz the most?

Currently Pepsi.

What soda has more fizz sprite or pepsi?

Pepsi = not soda Neither is Sprite. They're pop!

Which fuzzes up more room temperature Pepsi or cold diet Pepsi?

Diet Coke has more fizz then Diet pepsi!

Does vinegar fizz when you add sugar?

it does not fizz it dissolves

How much sugar does Pepsi have in it?

how much sugar is in a can of pepsi ? the answer is 41g.