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Why does person's legs appear shorter under the swimming pool?

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Due to refraction of light.

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Why does one appear to be shorter under the water than above the surface of water in a swimming pool?

it is due to the process of refraction of light

When you are standing in a swimming pool why does the part of you body that is under water look shorter and heavier?

the water is light weighted and has less quantity

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Can kids under 12 go to LA fitness swimming?

yes kids under 12 can go swimming

Should you wear underwear under running shorts and swimming trunks?

Only under running shorts, not under swimming trunks. Trust me. :D

When you are standing in the swimming pool why does the part under water look shorter and heavier?

This is due to a phenomenon known as refraction. It's the same effect that causes a pencil to look bent if you stick it into a glass of water.

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Is swimming under water aerobic?


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No, a swimming pool would be covered under Coverage B or "Other Structures" of your policy.

How many muscles are used to hold a persons head under water?

Is a headlock bieng used to hold the persons head under water?

What do you do when your under hair is showing in a swimming suit?


What is submerging in swimming?

It means to go under water.

When you are swimming can hear?

Yes, you can hear under water.

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The answer is NO

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When your swimming under water how does it affect your breathing?

You have to hold your breath under water. That will strengthen your lungs.

Should put sand under a swimming pool?


Is a light wavelength longer or shorter under water?

It must be shorter because you can see light much farther away than if you were in water.

What is bubbling in swimming?

Bubbling in swimming refers to exhaling air through your nose while under water. This takes place after you have taken a breath above water and then placed your face beneath the surface to continue swimming. It helps to regulate your breathing patterns under the water.

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