Why does pizza taste good?

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  • Because of the Italian seasonings and the cheese and the topping and the crust and the Pizza sauce! It's a party in your mouth 8-)
  • Because its full of all those things we're not supposed to eat!
  • Because its CHEESE, CHEESE, CHEESE!!!
  • It just does.
  • Because the chemicals react in a good way
  • It also tastes very cheese and sauce and a little spicy to depending on what you get on it
  • Because pizza is pizza and that's all there is to it. yum!
  • Now I want pizza... must... call... Dominoes!!
  • Your making me hungry!!!!!
  • The cheese and the tomato sauce and the topping and all the base...
  • Its full of all those things that we're not supposed to eat but they taste SO GOOD!
  • this is so not cool so really you need to try pizza your self because people don't tell you every thing!
  • Because Naol Saba said it
  • Because you can order it just about any way you like it.
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Q: Why does pizza taste good?
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